ALWAYS and FUREVER—Celebrating 100th Issue!


From the dream of a dummy magazine to reaching our iconic 100th Issue it has been a phenomenal journey. When the first magazine got printed and reached our office the excitement was incredible. And as we send our 100th Issue to press a sentiment of pride sparkles. Little did we think with the first magazine that we will achieve this milestone, but we all did persevere with persistence and pawssion to Promote Responsible Pet Parenting to all corners of our Incredible India. With our magazine, social media, digital platforms we reached to more than 6 lakh 50 thousand passionate people even during the pandemic.

Pets are family—this being the first breath and soul of our magazine. The sanctity of unconditional love they provide us beyond compare. For the best of our darling pets we have worked tirelessly and partnered with professional experts at each step for content which is informative, interactive and a platform where they can confess their love equally for their darling paws.

Due to the love and support paws have given their pet parents, it was noticed that the bond during the pandemic only got strengthened and pet parents ensured the happiness of their precious paws. During the pandemic the pet care segment was a recession free sector. According to an Alltech’s 10th annual Global Feed Survey which represented 142 countries, the pet food production has grown by 8 percent in 2020.

Dr Saurabh Shekhar, MD of South Asia Nutreco, shares that pets helped kids and families to overcome social isolation, making pet parents more comfortable during this crisis. According to him, India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and the growth is seen in all categories including pet food, supplements, pharmaceuticals, accessories and grooming. Industry estimates suggest that the pet care market is valued at more than USD 350 mn and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14-15 percent.

Hope you all adore Charlie in the article An Angel of Love Called Charlie, our adorable Koko and Kaito who have given us the honour of gracing our 100th Issue covers respectively for both Dogs & Pups and Cats & Kittens. We love you (paws) more too—let’s take this 100th Issue to promote Indie Love as we have some incredible stories of Zui and Delhi who have found their forever homes and Sunil Kaushik of IndieLove who helps Indie’s finding forever homes.

Love always to all the paws who gave us a true connect to value—ALWAYS and FUREVER.

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