A Global Powerhouse Driven By Science


Mitu Paul
The past year of 2020 tested our resilience, beliefs, and our version of ‘normal’. People saw pandemic and panic and that one emotion which held the entire human community together was the feeling of ‘gratitude’ of what we have and ‘hope’ for what’s coming. The pet industry also felt the churn and rearranged for better. To celebrate the 100th Issue of Dogs & Pups we at Dibaq Petcare India, bring our evolution story to you. –by Mitu Paul

The industry witnessed an influx of new pet parents. Home quarantine revived and strengthened the bond between a pet and their parent, asserting the unparalleled love that our pets have for us and more so, how much of a true companion they are to us. People have realised what all they can do and enjoy with the company of pets and so have the entrepreneurs who have realised what all can be brought into the markets and sold.

Catering to altered mind-sets
In the wake of this ‘new normal’, 2020 proved to be the best time for deep research, innovation and expansion to cater to altered mind-sets of Indian consumers. The rise in pet parenting, combined with the time they have used to attend webinars conducted by apex pet institutions along with some prominent brands to understand pet life and lifestyle, has completely changed the buying patterns of an Indian household. Now they know better and so choose better! And this is mainly the reason why comparatively being a new entrant in Indian market, we still saw such a boost in sales and brand loyalty and are now steadily becoming consumer’s favourite.

A historical flashback
Based in Segovia, Spain, our group was set up in 1950s by the Tejedor-La’zaro husband and wife team. It initially started as a family business in the poultry sector. The production of animal feed which was initially for self-consumption, lead to subsequent specialisation of the group in fish feed and pet food manufacturing. The business has since consolidated its position through a process of internalization and a firm commitment to research.

Focusing on nutrition, health & welfare
Our pet care division was set up in 1989 to focus on nutrition, health and welfare of pets. The production of food began with the installation of two high-technology and capacity extrusion lines. Today, it is a 3rd generation family business and exports more than 45 percent of its production worldwide. We sell more than 200 recipes of pet food in over 60 countries and have commercial offices and production houses set up in Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and America. The group did a turnover of over 400 million euros in the activity reports of 2019.

Growing R&D work
One of the most important elements that differentiates us from the rest and helps us to grow is our ‘research and development department’ –a place where over 100 vets, nutritionists and technicians design new nutrition formulas. These new diets are tested, new manufacturing processes have trial runs and all those results are compared on an industrial level. Technology and machinery are essential during the production of food and that is why we spend resources and time to obtain the best raw materials, reduce production costs, be sustainable and improve animal’s health.

Strengthened relationship
We work with sustainable proteins and other raw materials obtained in a respectful manner. This is why we have strengthened our relationships with partners certified by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for our sea ingredients. We are also proud to have the ‘Global GAP’ certification, an international recognition that rewards our efficient production and the quality of what’s being produced.

Certified safety & quality
Our facilities in Spain go through stringent annual IFS food audits for certifying the safety and quality of food products and production processes. We have been clearing this every year and that’s a proof of the quality of our work. Our factories are designed to operate uninterrupted and with the latest technology. We have been working for years now to reduce our environmental footprint by using optimised production processes, and 100 percent recycled packaging.

Pathological & diagnostic services
To mention our diversity of work, our pet care division offers pathological and diagnostic services. We have been working with the ‘Polytechnic University of Valencia’ and the ‘School of Veterinary science at the Complutense University of Madrid’ for over 20 years to develop quality controls and other research projects. Our revolutionary work in canine clinical care (particularly our Tumor Diet) has won the trust of many vets globally.

Premium brands in India
In 2021, we have some exciting launches planned for India. Along with some additions to our already launched and successful brands of Sense and Dibaq Natural Moments, we will also have our super premium line, FITMIN grace the shelves, which is a complete range for a dog’s life story starting from puppy milk, puppy mush to senior care diets.

Improving happiness of pets
We work towards improving the happiness of pets, making holistic nutrition available and affordable. We understand that in food there is ‘no one size fits all.’ We are science driven, bursting all myths at every level. With our focus on natural products, continuous improvement and R&D, our group is quietly becoming a global powerhouse.

(Mitu Paul is Brand Head of Dibaq Pet Care India, a subsidiary of Dibaq Pet Care, Segovia, Spain)