Winter Grooming Done Right to Make Your Pet Look ‘Snowww’ Cute


Priya Narasimhan

Just like you love to switch up your skincare routine with the weather, it is important to do so with your pets as well. Grooming in winter is an integral part of your pet’s overall wellbeing, so do not ignore it. –by Priya Narasimhan

To celebrate the 100th Issue of Dogs & Pups, we are sharing a few tips on how to take care of your furry buddy in cold season.

Good grooming in every season

• Regular combing, brushing, bathing and conditioning are very important to keep the coat healthy, hydrated and mat-free.

• Some dogs tend to lose their natural oil in winter. Make sure the coat is well conditioned. It would be great to put them on an Omega-3 Supplement.

• Shower them in warm water and never leave your pooch’s coat to sun-dry or just leave them towel dried. Make sure you blow dry them completely post bath.

• For long-coated breeds, it would be best to follow shampoo with a good conditioner to keep their coat silky smooth.

Prim & proper with a regular trim

• Most often it is believed that dogs need their long and thick fur in winter to protect them from the cold weather. As true as this may be, long-coated breeds like Shihtzus, Lhasa Apsos, Poodles and Cocker Spaniels need regular trimming of hair. The idea is to keep the hair free from knots and tangles.

• If you regularly brush the coat and maintain it tangle free, then definitely a hygiene trimming under the paws and sanitary areas would work.

• If you decide to trim your pet’s coat during cold seasons, make sure you do not opt for a zero cut or a very short haircut. Make sure you get them styled in a way that the hair length is manageable for you at home and is also long enough to keep them warm.

• Do not zero trim a dog unless the dog has developed severe mats on the body and make sure you keep them warm and cosy at all times.

Paw care & curing winters

• Dogs often tend to develop dry paws during cold season. In such case, using a good organic paw butter helps.

• Applying organic or virgin coconut oil on the paws helps too.

• If you live in an extremely cold place it would be good to use dog boots or socks while taking them out on walks.

• For breeds who tend to have long hair under the paws, it is recommended to trim in between the paws to keep them dry and clean and avoid any infection.

Take care, bundle up, soak up the sun, and have lots of fun with your furry friends in winter. And amidst all this make sure the grooming schedule is not missed. A well groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog!

(Priya Narasimhan is a pet groomer, a stylist and founder of Wizard of Paws Pet Grooming Salon and Spa, HSR Layout, Bengaluru)