How to be the Show Stopper everyday

  • Eye care: Clean her eyes with a damp cotton wool to remove any dirt, mucus, etc.
  • Ear care: If your dog has long ears; ensure their water bowls have narrow mouths so that when they drink water the ears fall out of the bowl and don’t get damp with water. If she has floppy ears, wax can accumulate inside them and cause odour. Use a dry cotton ball to clean the external part of the ear but never put it inside her ear canal. While bathing your dog, put cotton balls in her ears to prevent water from entering. In case you find any odour or an infection, take her to your vet immediately.
  • Face care: Wash her face everyday to make her look and feel clean.
  • Paw care: Make it a habit to clean her paws every time she comes back from a walk. Also check for any foreign particles, ticks or fleas between her paws.
  • Dental care: Brush her teeth regularly to keep them shining and tartar-free.

Make it special

  • Start your grooming sessions as soon as you bring your pup home.
  • Let her play with the grooming tools so that she is not afraid of them.
  • Praise her and stroke her a lot.
  • Learn where she likes to be touched and use that to stroke her when she needs assurance.
  • Make it a special time which you both look forward to.

Why should we …?

  • Grooming time is quality time you spend with your pooch.
  • You get to know if your pooch is suffering from any skin problems like allergies, skin infection, etc.
  • Grooming helps you keep a check on those ticks and foreign particles, which can be extremely painful for your pet.
  • Brushing helps in dematting, stimulating blood flow and has a positive effect on the overall health of your pooch.
  • Your pooch looks a stunner after every grooming session.