Setting Spring Mood 5 Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Pet


Kritika Manchanda
Feels like Spring is in the air. The season of happy crisp sunshine and enjoying outdoors with your furry friend! Make the most of this lovely season by doing these 5 amazing activities with your beloved pet. 
–by Kritika Manchanda 

The weather is getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and spring mood is set! It’s time to have lots of fun with your pet. While at it, make sure you and your pet are safe, because this is also the season for allergies.

1. Go Camping
Camping under the stars with your beloved – sounds so romantic! But a pet parents’ romance has a wet nose and a wagging tail. Go camping under the stars with your furry buddy and make memories for a lifetime If you don’t feel comfortable setting up a tent, you can always find small homestays or cabins in the woods that are pet friendly. You can also have a double date with your friends and their pets. That quiet time in the wilderness, listening to your favorite playlist, and enjoying treats – if this isn’t your idea of a ‘paw’fect date, then what is?

2. Work Out Together
It is time to get ready for that summer body or maybe I should say getting healthy (because body positivity always). Go for a walk, convert it into a run, burn those calories – all this with your favourite workout partner! Exercising outdoors is really therapeutic and even a normal jog becomes interesting. Spring is also the time to enjoy long walks in whatever bit of nature you can steal in the concrete jungle we live in.

3. All You Need is Vacation Vitamin
Enjoy a small getaway with your pet to have fun in this lovely weather. Drive to a nearby pet friendly resort or find a fun place for staycation where your pets can accompany you. It is always great to travel and cherish those memories, especially when you don’t have to leave your pet back home sulking.

4. Beach Please
If your pet is a water baby, then take him/her to a nearby beach or lake and it’ll be the best spring day activity you can do together. Spend the day frolicking in water, eat together, laze around, click lots of pictures, and of course make unlimited memories!

5. Create an Agility Course
If you are blessed to have some space in your home, like a lawn or a yard, then this is the perfect time to create an agility course for your pet. Use cardboard boxes, chairs, pots and planters, or hula hoops, just go creative. It’ll be great for your pet’s mental and physical well-being. Don’t forget to keep plenty of treats at hand for rewards and good behaviour.

Let us know which of these activities you are most looking forward to trying with your pet. And if you do try them, send us pictures on our Facebook page.