Pandemic Blues Through Your Pet’s Eyes


Kiko, Karishma & Kshetij

Dr Ritesh Sood
The year 2020 wasn’t a good one for a majority of people. Personal life and mental health nosedived to a new low. But the one thing that kept pet parents sane was their beloved furry friends! –by Dr Ritesh Sood

Pets are an integral part of our families and each pet parent wants best for them right from food to grooming, etc. Having a furry friend in the journey of life makes it a lot more enjoyable. And of course the numerous benefits – better mental health, reducing stress and anxiety, and unconditional love.

Kudos to them being our companions through ups and downs! Also let’s understand what all our pets went through this pandemic. Step into your pet’s shoes and see how they felt about the pandemic.

Lockdown imposed
My ‘hooman’ world turned upside down when the lockdown was imposed in the country. The news got panic and tension along with it. And not to forget the added challenges like reduced exercise and more weight gain for all of us.

A dream come true
I had seen my parents during morning walks and evening cuddles when they came back from work. Suddenly they were home all day, it was a treat for me. They spent more time with me, cared for me more, which made me feel delighted every day!

Mystery of the mask
It is mandatory to wear mask and each time went for a walk everyone was wearing a mask and looking same. Thanks to my sniffing power, I could differentiate them.

Woes of SFH
My pals, kids at home, were watching the screen for hours and parents not complaining about it. I have heard about WFH (Work from Home) from my parents but took me long to understand SFH (School from Home)! I and the kids aren’t going out to play, parents are glued to screens all day – what is this new thing happening!

Mask mystery continues
Finally, after months of being at home we heard the ease of restrictions. It was time to celebrate and be grateful. Going out for long walks, playing in parks, and getting my routine health check at the vet was back. I still see people with face masks who all appear like doctors.

New Year 2021 brought some hope, new change is happening, I wish to see the ‘hooman’ without their masks.

(Dr Ritesh Sood is a vet with over 12 years of expertise in animal healthcare category, working with a leading organisation in herbal space)