H O P E Hold On Pain Ends


Dr Ranjitha Tiwari
This is the story of true hope, it’s the story of Kiwi (Bhura) who defied all odds and gave hope a whole new meaning! –by Dr Ranjitha Tiwari

On 18th January 2021, amidst the entire struggle we were going through with new normal of COVID-19 pandemic, we got a call from an anonymous person asking if I could help a stray pup who was almost dying on the road. My immediate response was, to get him right away. The person was just a passerby and within 20 minutes he got the pup to my clinic. Then pup was in a poly-bag absolutely soiled and had discharge flowing from his missing left hind paw.

The pup was hardly breathing. We immediately put him on oxygen support and intravenous fluid, cleaned him up and did first-aid and dressing. Initial examination revealed that he was in deep pain and fever due to sloughing off one of his hind leg. He needed immediate surgery to save him from septic shock and death.

There was something in that pup who pulled me so hard towards him, couldn’t resist his inevitable pain. Instantly, I realised that fate had led the special pup through my clinic door for a special purpose.

Toughest paths treaded with that first step

I counseled the rescuers; if they could physically care for the pup I will do the surgery and bear all medical expenses till he heals completely. Thankfully they consented. Next morning, after some blood tests and x-rays, he was operated. It was a major surgery wherein his hind limb was amputated at mid-femoral region.

Rescuers were counseled for stringent post-op care. I suggested them to come back for dressings and injectable meds every day. But alas! Destiny has its own ways, neither the rescuer nor the pup turned up for next five days. My anxiety and fear of losing the pup due to abandonment, pain, sepsis, kept mounting. All my efforts of contacting them went in vain. I kept trying to call and message them, and kept praying.

Testing times don’t last

Finally on sixth day they got the pup to the clinic in much worse situation. He was left on street next to their house and wasn’t given any medical attention. Little pup kept tolerating humongous pain of surgery and as a result the amputated limb was hugely swollen and he had high fever. My heart sank seeing him in that deep pain due to sepsis. I just took the pup in my arms and promised myself, will do whatever I can to save him, rest left to destiny.

He has been a tremendous fighter, a true epitome of Pollyannaism. I was totally spellbound of his unbinding endurance. Me as a vet and him a patient both kept pushing us towards his healing.

When you have faith, no obstacle is too big!

But the obstacles didn’t end here, and we faced the challenge of resistant non-responsive bacteria. I tried six different antibiotics and loads of supplements, daily dressings, but the pus (infection) just kept bouncing back. The battle went on for eight weeks and finally we won! He completely healed. Throughout this process of recovery my eight-year-old daughter Maanvita and my junior vet Dr Manish have been of tremendous help and support.

His healing has been a revelation in itself. He became indispensable part of us. However, I always felt he deserved the best. He was a special pup with infinite affection, gratitude, and forgiveness towards humans (who were a source of his misery).

Hope and good samaritans – two things the world needs more of

My prayers were answered on 7th April 2021. Mr & Mrs Siri who have shown extreme faith in my professional acumen, called me, and during the conversation I did mention of this little angel and his journey so far, requesting them to suggest for any possible adopters. To my amazement, the next day early morning I got a call from Mrs Siri and the first and only thing I heard in a half-asleep was “Ma’am, I couldn’t sleep through the night, want to adopt the pup myself” I was speechless.

Got off my bed to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It wasn’t a dream, in fact the best thing to have happened in these tough times.
The couple dropped in the same noon for adoption. I still can feel the goosebumps, everything went so quick. Though a tearful adieu Kiwi went to a loving home and became a part of a lovely family. They are pet parents to five dogs but this pup was a stray, no specific breed and that too three legged, but none of it mattered to them!

Hey Siri (pun intended) – tell a magical tale!
They named him Kiwi. They keep sharing his pictures and videos which is indeed the highlight of my day! I am so happy that my little fighter finally got a home. A family of extremely loving non-judgmental parents and five older siblings to take care of him, love him for what he is and be loved by him unconditionally. We are extremely thankful to the Siri family and would like to dedicate this article to them and their inspirational gesture.

Please adopt homeless stray pups—it gives meaning to our co-existence. They teach us so much; they value our magnanimity and return our affection in the form of boundless unconditional love as long as they breathe. Kiwi taught me true meaning of HOPE and to continue my journey of rescuing little ones in whatever little way I possibly can.

(Dr Ranjitha Tiwari is Veterinary Cardio Consultant at Hope Animal Clinic, Hyderabad, Telangana)