Goodness of Grooming– Stay Safe & Groom Your Pet at Home


Kritika Manchanda
Helping you with some easy and simple grooming at home tips to make life easier! Start with patience because that’s the most important tool you need to have for grooming your pet at home. –by Kritika Manchanda

In this time of pandemic, it is best to stay home as much as possible. But one major concern of pet parents is getting their furry friends groomed, especially now that summer is here in full force. It is essential that you make grooming a part of their daily routine. Basic grooming includes – bathing, general cleanliness, hair trimming, nail trimming, hair styling, etc.

During these stressful times, a lot of pet parents believe that the few minutes they take out for grooming their pet is so therapeutic. You can strengthen your bond and let go of all tensions to have a calm and relaxing time.

Some important DOs and DON’Ts

• Groom regularly

• Choose a well lit area

• Make it a relaxing time rather than a chore

• Know when to stop and don’t overwhelm your pooch

• Using the right tools will make all the difference

• Nails, tail, ear, teeth – take care of all these aspects

• Be gentle at all times

• Take it slow and don’t rush

• If your pet has sensitive skin, use specific products

• Avoid using heavily scented products

• Don’t trim the nails too short
A small mistake will taint their heart for lifetime; sharing this with personal experience. You are your pet’s protector and they rely on you. So, be gentle and don’t go overboard. It will defeat the purpose of the goodness of grooming.

Grooming basics – what you need?
“Home is where dog hair sticks to everything else but the dog.” Shedding is a natural phenomenon in dogs. So don’t panic if you see dog hair on the sofa, bed and clothes. You can minimize this process and reduce the mess with the right de-shedding tools.

One of the best ways to get your pet used to daily grooming is combing and brushing him every day. It’ll not just help get rid of excess hair, but will help with circulation and you can have a look for cuts, wounds, or ticks.

There are so many kinds of combs and brushes available. Don’t fall in the buy all trap. There are just certain basic tools you’ll need, depending upon your pet’s breed and coat length. Ask your vet or professional pet groomer to know which of the brushes/ combs will be best suited for your pet – dog brush slicker, steel pin brush, flea comb, stainless steel comb or any other.

Don’t forget the teeth, nails, and ears
Teeth, nails, and ears tend to get overlooked during a grooming routine. It is best to get your pet’s nails trimmed from a professional groomer. You can opt for at-home grooming services, or if you are trimming them yourself you need to be 200 percent careful! We got Romeo’s (my pet Labroador, who has now crossed the rainbow bridge) nails trimmed from a professional groomer. This one time, the groomer cut the nails and a little skin along with it. Since then he was terrified to get the nails trimmed even when he was as old as 8 years old.

Dental care is an indispensible part of grooming. Getting a basic dog toothbrush and toothpaste would be fine. Consult your vet on how often should you brush his teeth. To take care of their ears, just wipe them gently with a soft cotton cloth. If your pet has long ears or a specific ear related problem, it is best to ask your vet for the right products.

Time to add bath accessories to your cart!
Just like you enjoy a relaxing shower, your pet would also appreciate the post shower cooling effect. Make sure you make bath time fun and enjoyable for your pet. Get a pet friendly shampoo. Ask your vet for the best recommendations, especially if your pet has a specific skin condition. A nourishing conditioner would do a lot of good to keep their coat shiny and healthy, so invest in a paraben and sulphate free conditioner. You can get medicated shampoos for tick control, hair fall control, aloe vera enriched, aromatherapy shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, or coat brightening shampoo. Make sure you choose a soft and high quality microfiber towel that’ll soak up excess water without making your pet’s skin irritated or red.

Some extras to add to your shopping list – Apart from these three bath time essentials, you can add a scrubbing glove and anti-skid mat. Ask your family members to help you bathe your pet and it’ll become a fun session.

Mercury is rising – take note of these summer grooming essentials
Summer is the time for extra sweat and body odour. So to avoid that funny doggie smell you can buy a dog deodorant. You could also choose from a wide range of dog wipes, dry shampoo, and waterless deodorising spray. These essentials come handy when your pet doesn’t want to have a bath. Make sure you ask your vet on the frequency of bathing your pet. Excessive bathing can strip off the natural oils from their skin and make them prone to skin infections and dryness.

Set the pamper mood right
Take time off on a weekend and enjoy an extended pamper session with your beloved! Here’s the setting – put that mask on or maybe bring on that sheet mask, hydrate yourself and your pet, indulge in some aromatherapy, massage your pooch a little, a hair oiling session would be a good idea, and then a long nap with lots of cuddles and without worrying about the world! Recharge and unwind to give yourself and your pet that much needed break from all that’s happening.

Going out for a spa session or getting your pet groomed is nice, but grooming at home is the new groove! You’ll save a lot of money and yourself as well, so that’ll be a double bonus!