Train Your Pet Indoors With These Amazing Games

With the pandemic life has taken a full turn by making us change our habits and lifestyle. But as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining… we get time to spend with our family and that includes your four legged family too. And that is indeed a blessing to be grateful for. –by Karishma Dewan Nohwar


While we understand the situation around us, our furry friends might not know the gravity of the current Covid situation. But let me tell you, I’m sure they know what is happening and what mankind is facing in the present scenario. Animals are highly evolved beings who can sense our fear, negative energies, and threats. They know what makes us happy and what doesn’t.

As a responsible pet parent seeing our pets physically and mentally happy is so satisfying. Spending quality time with our pets also makes us content, puts us in a nice mood, and improves the overall quality of life.

Since most of us are at home due to lockdowns and Covid restrictions, you can train your pet indoors and engage them in some fun games.

Seek Ball
A simple game where I throw the ball across the room and ask Kiko to get it. But to make it fun I go and hide in a place and when he turns around he has to search to give me the ball. It is such a good mix of hide n seek and catch and Kiko loves playing this fun game!

Fun and Find
This was suggested by a trainer to distract Kiko when he starts getting reactive to other dogs. The idea is to show your pet a treat and throw it in the grass and give the command ‘find’ automatically your pet will want to leave everything and start sniffing out the treat.

If you don’t have a garden, you can improvise this game for indoor. Take your pet’s blankets and sheets and leave them messily on the floor. Throw the treat on the blanket and give the command ‘find’. Let your pet sniff out the treat and enjoy it. You do get sniffing mats as well where you can play the same game. This helps the dogs release stress and stimulates their brain as well.

Bottle Challenge – Doggie Version
Kiko loves to play with bottles, to make it safe and fun I remove the cap and the plastic ring around the mount of the bottle. I also remove all the plastic wraps and clean the bottle. I add in a few treats and shake the bottle. The noise it makes is fun for your pet plus helps to keep him engaged. Make sure you supervise your pooch while he plays this game and keep only limited treats in the bottle.

Time to learn something new
Teach a new command every week and practice it 5- 10 minutes every day, twice a day. The most recent trick that Kiko has learnt is the ‘Touch Game’.

I keep a treat in my hand ask Kiko to touch the hand – he jumps up and touches the hand that has a treat.

Another game that was a hit with the help of trainer was ring the bell. Every time he rings the bell (kept on the floor) he gets a treat.

Keep them happy and healthy with a little run
There are a few objects in the house that make him super excited when I pick them up, like a hoopla ring and wiper. Once I hold any of these Kiko gets excited and starts running around the house. Find some objects that your pet might be interested, use a fun and happy tone and run after him. A good run around the house is healthy for you and your pet!

There might be days when it’s too hot, or you’re busy with responsibilities. Don’t feel guilty. Your pet understands you and it is in these times that you learn to respect each other’s boundaries. Follow these tips, stay safe at home, and always count your blessings!