NOSE TO TAIL-17 Ways to Complete Wellness & Wellbeing for Your Furry Darling


Varsha Verma
& Rocky
Dogs & Pups has completed 17 years…we have been blessed with lots of happy sniffs, wags and barks. Let’s celebrate the milestone with 17 ways to complete wellness and wellbeing of your pooch. –by Varsha Verma

1 Choose your pet wisely: While deciding on bringing home a four-legged companion, do complete research on the breed who can adjust to your climate, surroundings, house and of course, your family. For example, if you live in a small apartment, go for a small lap dog, not a large breed.

2 Follow vaccination chart: Before you bring home a puppy, check for his vaccination status. If something is amiss, take him to your vet before heading for home and follow the vaccination chart.

3 Train your dog: Start training your puppy as soon as he comes home. Teach him basic commands. If you need help, consult a dog trainer.

4 Socialise your dog: It is important to socialise your dog with other animals and humans so that fear factor among each other could be removed. Socialisation should start once your dog is vaccinated.

5 Grooming is essential: A well-groomed dog is a happy dog. Groom your pooch from young age. Brush his hair even if your dog is a short-haired breed. Bathe him when required. Clean his eyes, ears and genital area.

6 Keep separation anxiety at bay: Since it is not possible to take your vet everywhere at all times, it is important to help them keep separation anxiety at bay. Leave your dog for small intervals and then gradually increase the time away. During this time, make him sit in a relaxed atmosphere, with his favourite toys and clean water and food. Once you are back, appreciate him for his good behaviour.

7 Control the parasites: It is essential to check for ticks and fleas, especially in hot humid days. Prevention is better than cure. Keep the parasites in check. Consult your vet for prevention and treatment if your dog gets infested with them.

8 Well-balanced diet: Give your pooch a well-balanced diet full of the nutrients your dog needs depending on his breed, size, life stage or unique nutritional needs. This will ensure he has a strong immune systems and balanced nutrients for optimal energy.

9 Fresh water at all times: Give access to fresh, clean drinking water to your pet at all times so that they can drink at their free will.

10 Clean the bowls regularly: Your pooch deserves to be served in clean food and drinking bowls. This will also ensure they are healthy.

11 Exercise is important: Exercise is extremely important for your dog. Take him out for walks every day. Play with him, run around in the park with him, make him fetch the ball…all these are exercises for him.

12 Never leash them at home: Dogs do not need to be leashed, let them roam around freely at home. Use the leash for the walks.

13 Periodic check-ups: Take your pooch for periodic check-ups with his vet. Depending on his age, breed and condition, your vet will suggest the frequency of the visits. So, even if your dog seems to be fine, take him to the vet.

14 Don’t let your dog get bored: A bored dog can turn destructive. So, give him mental stimulation. Let him play a sniff game. Hide his favourite treat and let him sniff it. Give him new toys to play.

15 Treat him for his good behaviour: When your dog behaves properly or learns a new trick, treat him. It can be his favourite treat food or simply a pat on his back. This will give positive reinforcement and he will look forward to please you again.

16 Show him love: Even dogs need to feel the love. Pet them, spend time with them, be with them…they will feel loved and cared and blossom into a happy companion.

17 Your pooch is a family member: Treat them like your family member and bask in the unconditional love they shower on you. The bond is strong, true and pure.  Happy pet parenting!