Keeping boredom at bay


Just like our kids, a mentally-stimulated dog is a happy dog. Here are a few tips to keep your dog mentally stimulated and you a worry-free happy pet parent.

Like humans, dogs too require mental stimulation to keep boredom at bay. If your dog is not mentally stimulated, then she might fall into depression, which will not only create sadness but also lack of motivation. The primary requirements of any pet include healthy diet, proper exercise and proper health maintenance. All these factors go a long way in keeping your pet healthy and happy.
A healthy diet goes a long way: Never give her table scraps. A good quality dog food will ensure her well being. You can also boil chicken, mutton, fish, liver (please ensure you don’t give any bones to her). You can also make her diet chart with the help of your veterinarian.
Exercise is fun: Exercising on a regular basis is very important for a dog because dogs are not meant to lead a life style which is sedentary and based indoors in the confines of your home. Lack of exercise can make your pet lethargic, moody, obese and sick. Exercise will burn up the extra calories and make her body light, alert and healthy…and therefore happy.
Beware of ticks and fleas: Besides a happy environment, you should also see that your cutie pies do not suffer from fleas because these can cause much misery to your pet and make her unhappy. Besides fleas and worms, other insects, which harass a dog, are ticks. These blood-sucking insects cause great pain to the dog and great misery.
Here are a few ways to mentally stimulate them, follow them and see how your doggy jumps with joy and spreads happiness:

  • Pamper your pooch: You can pamper your doggy by getting her groomed professionally at a pet’s beauty parlour. These days there are beauty parlours which specialise in giving your pet a complete makeover. A good haircut, clean ears and sparkling clean eyes, trimmed short nails can go a long way in keeping your pooch healthy and happy.
  • Take your doggie to a dog friendly park: You must always take your doggy out for long walks; these walks not only give her the much needed exercise but tons of happiness where she can chase birds, roll in the grass, enjoy fresh air. You will notice that she is exactly aware of her walk time. Also always have a long leash for her to enjoy her freedom or if she is without leash, she should be properly trained to listen to your command and the area should be safe.
  • Make her your exercise partner: Make her your partner in exercising. Whilst exercising teach her a few exercises which she can do with you. Taking your dog for a walk is the best way to keep her healthy. A daily early morning walk is a great start to the day. Swimming is another form of exercise which is fun, especially during the summer months.
  • Give quality time to your dog: Play with her, cuddle her, rub her belly and sit with her, make her feel she is special.
  • Make her favourite meals: When your doggy is well behaved you can show her your appreciation by making her favourite dish which she likes the most.
  • Play games with your doggy: Like small children, doggies too love to play games. It is not only a great source of exercise for both you and your doggy, but at the same time it also enhances your relationship with your pooch. Games also serve as a great teaching opportunity to teach your doggy a particular trick. Playing games will keep your dog not only physically sound, but also mentally sound.
  • Make your doggy work: You can make your pooch work by teaching her to pick up the newspaper from the door or to walk with you when you go to answer the doorbell and back. This will not only keep her mentally occupied but also at the same time make her work and exercise together instead of lazing around.
  • Teach her some tricks: You can teach your doggy some interesting tricks which are not only fun to learn but at the same time will make her happy and mentally active. You can teach her tricks like ‘to lie down’, ‘stay’, ‘bow’, ‘sit’, ‘shake hands’ and ‘to dance’, etc.
  • Teach her to be obedient: Teach your dog to be obedient. Obedience training when taught makes your dog use her brain and she starts thinking in the right direction. Because she knows that she will be encouraged and praised for taking the right step and corrected for taking the wrong step. This type of training is very important because it instils a sense of responsibility in her.
  • Take her with you: Whenever possible plan to take her to your friends’/relatives’ homes. Always remember to ask the host that if you can bring her along. Do plan your holidays also with her.