Perfect Pets & Their Magical Enchantment


We at Dogs & Pups always encourage responsible pet parenting. Celebrating our 17th Anniversary Issue to uphold our legacy we bring here some wonderful and responsible pet parents who share their pooch love and affection and memorable moments they experience with their furry friends.

Finding joy in little things
My furry kids, Coco and Bruno, taught me that even if there are no evening walks or no eating the neighbour’s plants; all we need is each other. We cherish our time by finding joy in little things, cheering each other and enjoying delicious delicacies. -Amit Singh

Be happy & carefree
To be happy and carefree even in stress and to spread happiness around, that’s what my furry friend taught me in the tough times of pandemic. I also learnt that when you have nothing to do, eat, play, and sleep are the best things! -Anshu

Snuggling Sky
My cat Sky wants to be physically in touch with me all the time. She snuggles with me while I sleep, and when I’m in my office shift, she quietly curls up in my lap and sleeps on me while I work. I love her and am grateful for her affection! -Apoorva

Tales of Bella–‘The Connection’
I got Bella during this pandemic, and I had no idea she will become such an indispensable part of my life. No matter how low I feel, the wagging and woofing make me feel loved. She teaches me to have boundless enthusiasm for everything, appreciating even the smallest of things, and always doing what makes her happy no matter what the situation is. The most important thing Bella taught me is ‘The Connection’. Language is never a barrier if you build a connection with someone. Actions, gestures, and the affection in their eyes connect you so well that you don’t need words to communicate. Bella has taught me that we must place our trust in ourselves, to accomplish anything that we want. -Diksha Singhania

Such a playful mate
Getting woken up every morning by my pet Rabbit makes my day. He is such a playful mate and has so much love to give! Always popping and playing around with my kids, it is a wonderful sight to watch.
-Habib Agha

Mental peace to sail through tough times
As this pandemic being challenging for all of us, we are looking for mental peace to sail through these tough times. Having a dog by my side has been a real stress buster for me. One of the blessings I have got is to spend more time with my pets now and the best thing I have learned from them is to live in the present with all your heart and fill it with joy and positivity, not to think about what’s going to happen in the future. -Karandeep Singh Jolly

Tell someone you love them the Skyler way!
Skyler has taught me how to enjoy every moment. She has also taught me how to let go of worries or sorrows by simply talking and never miss a chance to tell someone that you love them! -Michelle Nitin Sanzgiri

Luhan and his charming eyes
Luhan taught me we always can find a reason to be happy. Luhan usually sits behind my chair when I’m in zoom meetings, waiting for me, sometime he barks and gives me his needy look for the meeting to get over soon. We go to the park for morning walk, spend weekends training him new tricks, watch Netflix together and try new food. Luhan has such charming eyes and one look can turn your day around. I love when he runs to welcome me with his little fluffy tail wagging in joy! -Moirangthem Nirarani

I wish every office can become pet friendly
While working from home my pets were curious to watch what am I doing on the laptop. We spend a lot of time together taking selfies, cuddling, and exercising. We also cook and sleep together. I wish every office can become pet friendly, so we won’t have to leave them behind while we go to work after the pandemic.

Loyalty, compassion, responsibilities, respect, patience, learn to live in the moment, be myself, family time -so much we learn from them. Pets need love and care- at all times!. -Nischal Rai

Zoom melodrama & memorable moments
Having my pet sleep under my laptop table was funny and adorable, he would want attention during my meeting and choose that “meeting moment” to play, bark and chew! I salvaged my laptop wire but he did manage to chew my laptop table! With him I live in the moment, am positive, myself and don’t worry what others think. Quality time is walks, long naps, playing and teaching commands. He keeps me spellbound by always keeping a watch on me when I move or eat, his eyes follow me to the kitchen, the mischief monger has learnt trading shoes and clothes for treats! -Nisha Kukreti

Sugar & her charm
My pet Sugar shows lots of affection to keep me under her charm. She wakes me up in the morning with her slobbery kisses from forehead to chin & rubs my face when I act lazy. She accompanies me during all household activities. When I’m having a bad day, Sugar instinctively wants to help me feel better. She is very friendly towards people and also shares her toys with other pets which I find very charming about her. Her playful nature and affection always keep me under her charm.
-Papiya Roy

Toto and his soulful gaze
Toto was adopted during the lockdown and his arrival has changed my life. He was just 28 days old when he came home and now, he is one year old. We play, cuddle, eat, sleep, he wants all my attention even when I am busy with work and gives me the soulful gaze as he snuggles his head on my desk, melting my heart! I love taking care of him and we go for a walk to his favourite park where he loves to play and run around grabbing things in his mouth and waits for me to chase him. Together we have made so many memories from his puppyhood to now! When he is playfull he will bring his ball and ask me to play, he loves to play tug of war. He is the best thing happened to me in this pandemic.-Poonam Gupta

WFH a blessing with my Pawfect Buddy!
Initially when the lockdown started, my pet was surprised and suspicious of me staying with him round the clock! He would keep staring at me, like asking what’s wrong with you and why are you not going out? WFH pictures with him are countless! He patiently waits for play/snack/walk time and is always besides me. His patience and loyalty amazes me. He distracts me with his cute anger or mischief and has all my attention! Social distancing is something which we didn’t adhere to. I can never imagine my life without a pet, they are a blessing and he is my Pawfect Buddy! -Prabhleen Kaur Rana

Sophie taught me meaning of life
Dogs have a way of finding the good in most situations. And my dog Sophie has taught me such a deep meaning of life! Weather may be sweltering or stormy, but a dog will usually still be happy to take a walk with her favourite person. They find ways to accept and make the best of their surroundings. They don’t dwell on the negative aspects of their lives. Thinking positively lowers stress and improves physical health. Observing your pet lifts your mood but also teach you to foster a positive attitude.-Preeti Oberoi

Cuddled together
My dog Gabbar taught me unconditional love. We play with his favourite ball and toys, and cuddle together. He is adorable and the faces he makes when he is hungry, is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
-Preksha Anand Pahwa

To love and to be loved
My pet’s name is Jolly and as the name itself says she means ‘happiness’. My pet is my joy and my stress buster. She shows what it feels to love and to be loved. Her favourites are fetch, guess a treat, cuddling, and we shower her with kisses and love. -Priyanka Mashi
It’s always a happy ending!
My pet’s name is Shiro, he is two and a half years old. He made me realise what unconditional love is. I have become responsible towards a life other than myself. It does not matter whether your day was good or bad, with unending love from your pet it is always a happy ending!
-Puneet Pandey

He brings a smile on my face
Kiko is the most notorious dog I have ever seen. I feel so positive and happy when he is around. Ever since the onset of pandemic my work has been restricted to online zoom meetings and I enjoy Kiko’s funny antics in such unprecedented time–I love watching him play with so much energy and it always brings a smile on my face. I like the way he taps his paws on my knees when he is hungry or wants a treat.
Unconditional love gets defined when I see him excited every time I come back home, he waits at the door when I come home and jumps with excitement, we chase him as he loves to run around in the house, we simply adore him! -Reshma Chaudhary

Purely based on love
As we say dogs are ‘Man’s Best Friend’, Rio marks this statement true by keeping my faith and hope alive in a relationship that is based on unconditional love. He teaches me how to stay committed and selfless. Even if I scold him for being notorious and playful all the time, the next moment he shows the same amount of love without any deviation. With his curiosity to explore every minute, he shows me, no matter how dull the current moment is, there is always something new to explore in the next minute. Some relationships are not based on ‘give and take’ they are purely based on love! -Sangeeta Mukherjee

Right by my side always
One funny antic of my pet during zoom meeting is that he sits with me in my chair when I am in meetings. Then, he follows me around wherever I go around the house. -Semant Singh Chauhan

An angel who changes everything

My pet dog’s name is Leo. She has been with me for more than two years now and I absolutely love my decision of adopting her. I have started believing in – “An angel will come in your life and she will change everything”. I truly believe that Leo is the angel for me and for my family. Ever since Leo came into our life things turn out different in every manner. Her presence means happiness 24×7. She is the key or an essence which can turn a sad human into a happy one. I may sound like I am making this all up, but from the core of my whole heart I feel this way for her, and I wish I could tell her all these things the way am writing now and maybe she could also reply. I love Leo and I just wish and hope that our love never ends.-Suraj Arya

Peace four all and all four peace
Violin would sleep next to me during my meetings but if the sound increased he would go away! Diego, Lucy and Ivy would chirp throughout my meetings. Our quality times are morning walks, talk, play. They charm me- if someone wants to take Violin for a walk, he will come to me and indicatively ask for permission, Diego, Ivy and Lucy are super cute when they sleep, the trio love to try different food like idli, carrot and milk rice and it is a treat watching them.It’s peace four all and all four peace with love commitment and so much more.-Varun Mehra