Shower Love on Your Pet this Monsoon in 17 Sensational Ways


Nitya Ramachandran
Monsoon brings with it the much awaited respite from the sweltering summer heat. As rains quench the thirst of the parched earth and winds bring temperatures down, they also bring the terror of infections in pets. Be extra careful and don’t let monsoons become a menace! –by Nitya Ramachandran

The scent of the soil after it rains and the lush greenery make for such a mood uplifting concoction. While the eagerly anticipated wet spell offers pet parents the opportunity to relish outdoor walks with their pets, it also poses a unique set of challenges. During the rainy season, pets are at a higher risk of facing issues like fungal and respiratory infections, allergies, water-borne diseases, etc.

However, a few precautionary measures on your part can ensure that your pet can enjoy the showers without falling sick. Read on to know more.

1. De-worm & vaccinate
Pets are most susceptible to worm-related ailments during monsoon. Worm infection can cause other health hazards such as anemia, poor immunity, and lackluster coat. Regular de-worming of your pets can help avert these illnesses to a large extent. Get your pet vaccinated before the onset of the rains to prevent seasonal diseases.

2. Keep them dry
Excessive humidity during the monsoon can cause your dog’s fur to become an ideal breeding ground for germs. Because of the high atmospheric moisture content, your pet’s fur can get damp even when it is not raining. Pat him dry with a super-absorbent towel after every walk and outdoor play session to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

3. Groom them well
Maintaining a regular grooming schedule during monsoon can reduce the risk of your pet contracting skin infections. Bathe when needed using warm water and mild anti-fungal or anti-bacterial shampoo will work wonders. There are several dry shampoos available in the market that work well to keep your pet clean. Brush your pet twice every day. Make sure you consult your vet before using any of these products.

4. Banish bad odour
High humidity levels cause moisture to get trapped in your pet’s fur. Because this moisture cannot escape easily, it ends up dampening your pet’s coat and makes it susceptible to fungus and bacteria. It causes an obnoxious odour to emanate from your pet’s body. To avoid this situation, make sure to wipe your pet dry every time they get wet.

5. Flaunt the rain gear
Protective and lightweight raincoats and ponchos that cover your pet’s body and offer excellent protection from sudden showers are available in a plethora of colours and sizes. Reflective umbrellas for pets with retractable leashes are also available in a host of popping colours to banish the monsoon gloom.

6. Awesome ‘paw’some – protection is the key
Constant contact with the ground during walks leads to the accumulation of stubborn dirt and disease causing micro-organisms in your dog’s paws. Trim the fur between the paw pads regularly. Clean his paws with lukewarm water and an antiseptic wash after every walk to prevent paw infections. Exposure to moisture in wet grass and roads during this season also makes your furry friends susceptible to inflammation of the paws. Use a microfiber towel or blotting paper to pat them dry regularly.

7. TLC for ears
Monsoon warrants special attention to your pet’s ears. During the monsoons, the accumulation of moisture in your pet’s ears makes them prone to different kinds of infections. Dry his ears after bath and after every outdoor play session. Remove the wax in their ears gently using a cotton bud or take him to a professional groomer.

8. Tuck away tummy troubles
Tummy troubles are more common among pets during monsoon. It often happens because of the consumption of dirty water. Make clean, safe, and fresh drinking water accessible to your pet at all times. It will keep him safe from diseases like jaundice, diarrhoea, and other stomach infections. Clean your pet’s water bowl using soap and boiling water to prevent water contamination every day.

9. Keeping it calm
Loud noises of thunderbolts and lightning flashes can make your pet uncomfortable. Cuddling and comforting him will only reinforce the fear. Instead, remain composed and do the things you do with your pet normally, such as grooming or playing. It will act as a reassurance. Your pet must have a private safe zone in the house where he can run when he feels fearful. Make provisions for a space inside the house for your pet to pee and poop during days when the rainfall is heavy.

10. Indoor becomes the new outdoor
Sometimes, a heavy downpour can halt outdoor activities such as walks or playtime. In such cases, keep your pet engaged indoors. You could play interactive games like ‘hide and seek’ or set up obstacle courses and reward your pet with treats. Alterations in daily routine for lengthy periods can make your pet restless and agitated. Making your pet run up and down the staircase or playing a game of fetch indoors will keep him mentally stimulated and happy!

11. Monsoon diet packed with goodness
Lack of outdoor exercise due to persistent rains can make your pet suffer from indigestion and irregular bowel movements. To address this issue, include fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in his diet. The food given must be low in calories and proportionate to his level of activity to avoid obesity. Do not over feed your pet. Instead, break down his meal into smaller portions and serve him at regular intervals. Avoid giving him too much meat or oily food during the rainy season.

12. Hygiene and health go hand-in-hand
Maintaining food hygiene is very important at a time when atmospheric humidity is high. Ensure that your pet does not eat any food kept in his bowl for long as it could cause an stomach infection. Place your pet’s food bowl in a clean and dry area where dampness cannot spoil their food. Cover the food well in case your pet does not eat the food immediately. Clean his food bowls regularly.

13. Beware of tick torture
The population of ticks and fleas rises considerably during monsoon, much to the dismay of pet parents. These pests can transmit a whole host of deadly diseases to your beloved canine. Anti-tick shampoos, sprays, and powders, along with tick and flea collars, flea combs, can be used to keep these parasites away from your pet. Get in touch with your vet for best advice.

14. Dirty water puddles: a big ‘No’
Pull your pet away from dirty and contaminated water puddles during outdoor walks. Stay vigilant and see that your pet does not accidentally drink that water, as doing so could cause water-borne illnesses such as vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, etc. Avoid waterlogged areas as such places can make him vulnerable to getting bitten by mosquitoes and other poisonous creepy crawlies.

15. Bring up the germ shield – keep the bedding clean
It is a must to clean your pet’s bed during monsoon. The bedding serves to protect him from the cold ground during the rainy season. Humidity in the air and your pet’s body moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold in the bedding. The bedding must always be kept dry. Keep the bedding away from windows from where the mist of the rain can reach it.

16. First-aid is always important
A handy first-aid kit should have all the things you could need for your pet, such as antiseptic cream and solution, bandage, painkillers, anti-allergic tablets, powders, immunity booster syrup, tablets for indigestion, etc.

17. Find peace in rain
Be mindful of their sensitivity to environmental stimuli. Dogs are sensitive to subtle changes in atmospheric pressure, and this may make your pet dislike the rains. Moisture during the rainy season makes all the scents much more pronounced, and pets owing to their keen sense of smell, might find certain smells unknown and scary. Because of the heightened auditory sense, your pet might panic because of the sound of the gushing winds and the continuous battering of rains. In such cases, gently stroke him to calm him down. Exposure of your pets to rains at an early age will ensure that they don’t get stressed during monsoon season.