17 Sensational Signs for a Magical Connection


Kritika Manchanda
Finding a little ray of hope in these tough times is all that matters. Amidst all the distress and tension, when you look at your pet being there for you and encouraging you to go on, it is such a heartwarming feeling. – by Kritika Manchanda

Here are the sensational 17 signs that tell your pet is happy and healthy, which will make your bond with your furry friend stronger!

1 Tale of a wagging tail: A happy dog wags her tail and wriggles the body! If your pet is happy and content, she’ll find small reasons – a new toy, treat after exercise session, and car ride to express her happiness through wiggle and wags.

2 All you need is their heartwarming smile: You don’t just smile with your lips, it radiates in your eyes. The same holds true for your furry friends as well. If your pet is happy and content at heart, that smile will tell you the secret. Mouth would be open, lips curved upwards, and eyes connected to yours!

3 She’s a good girl: If your pet is being a good girl, obeying your commands, and not being fussy about anything, you certainly know that she is happy at heart. Make sure it continues the same way. Behaviour issues like anger, aggression, and excessive barking can be signs of boredom. During this pandemic time when you spend most of your time indoor and outdoor activity is limited for your pet, it is natural for them to feel slightly bored. Keep your pet entertained with puzzles, games, and of course grooming and cuddle sessions.

4 Licking the bowl clean is a good sign: When your pet licks her bowl clean, it is a sign that she is feeling healthy and happy. A sudden drop in appetite or being fussy about eating can be one of the symptoms of illness and you should take it seriously. If you notice any change in the appetite pattern of your pet, get in touch with your vet immediately. Opt for healthy snacks for yourself and your pet. Munch on summer fruits, make smoothies, add yogurt to your pet’s diet, and for nibbles and treats you can make baked goods at home. It’ll be a great time to bond with your pet, try something new, and guilt free snacking is always welcome!

5 I am alert and interested: A happy and content pet is eager to spend time with the family, greet you at the door, and gets excited for car ride and walks. With age the excitement might diminish, but there’s that spark which never goes away. As a pet parent you can always sense it. And in case your pet isn’t doing all these things, you know something is not right. Maybe he’s not well or is feeling anxious or stressed due to some reason.

6 Fuzzy and friendly: Remember those pre-Covid times when you used to walk on the street and have the urge to pet every dog! If your pet is friendly towards other people and dogs, it is indeed a sign of being happy and in a good mood. But you need to be careful, just like you might have a bad day, your pet can also have a bad mood. So don’t force them to meet people or other dogs and give her that space to let her be.

7 Puppy eyes for all the love: When you enter the house and her eyes sparkle up, it’s a sign from the universe that you pet is happy. Let your heart melt away with those puppy eyes and shower your pet with oodles of love and some treats. Her eyes should be clean without any discharge, both the pupils should be of same size. Check for ingrown lashes which may cause irritation, itching, and frequent pawing.

8 Shiny not whiny: A shiny coat indicates your pet is healthy and happy. It will be a result of regular grooming, giving your pet the right diet, and supplementing her diet with omega-3 supplements. It is really important to get the right kind of tools based on your pet’s breed, coat length, and type. And talk to your doctor to know the best supplements for shiny and healthy coat.

9 Always up for a belly rub: When all else fails, belly rub is always the answer. Give a dog a belly rub and you’ll find a permanent job. Yes, that’s how much dogs adore belly rubs and it indicates they are in a happy and playful mood.

10 Ready to take on challenges: Your pet will be happy to accept new challenges and learn new skills. It is good for their physical and mental well-being. Take time out to be their at-home trainer, teach her new tricks and games and you’ll see how happy and joyous your furry friend will be.

11 Old is always gold: It is a misconception that old dogs are grumpy! You are lucky to have the love of an old doggie. Your canine companion has seen so many ups and downs in your life, and at this stage she relies on your. Be there for her and provide small joys every day. A bite of ice-cream, evening car ride, or chasing the squirrels (even if it is slowly), let her be and have fun!

12 Love, care and consistency: Canines are creatures of consistency and they love to follow a routine. You know your pet is truly happy when she follows a routine including feeding, walk time, and play sessions. As a pet parent you should understand that a sudden change in behaviour often indicates an underlying medical condition, so consult your vet at the earliest.

13 No despair with oral care: When your pet smiles at you and you notice fresh breath (no foul odor), healthy pink gums, and clean teeth, it is a sign that your pet’s oral health is in check and she is happy and healthy. While you’re at it, check for any lumps or cuts and if the tongue is clean. If you notice any bad breath, it can be an indication of digestive troubles.

14 Nature’s call is also a sign: When you take your pet to do her business and everything is fine, you should be thankful. It is a sign that your pet is happy and healthy. Constipation, diarrhea, mucus, dark urine, and blood in stool can be signs of gastrointestinal problems. It might sound weird, but keep an eye on poo!

15 Floppy ears – no tears: If your pet’s ears are light pink, don’t have any odor, and are clean, then it means they are fit and fine. Ear problems are usually characterized by –foul odor, swelling, mites, discharge, inflammation, redness and rashes, and constant itching.

16 The prose of wet nose: When she comes for morning kisses and you feel that cold wet nose, that’s bliss on another level. Dog’s wet nose indicates they are healthy and happy. If the nose is dry or cracked, it may be sign of fever or infection.

17 Got the jabs: We may have made ‘jabbed’ trendy recently, but our pets have been doing it since long. Regular vaccines will not only keep your little friend healthy, but reduce risk of infections and diseases. Get her jabbed and get yourself jabbed as well for complete wellness. Hope these signs help you strengthen the bond and cherish those memories. Make the most of this time at home with lots of selfies and affection for your furry friend! Stay safe at home!