Pawpular Paws


Even though all dogs are loyal and affectionate, here’s a snap shot on some of our pawfect paws.
German Shepherd:
Highly intelligent, adaptable and respectable, German Shepherds are good companion dogs. Equally admired for their physical prowess and their ability to learn basic obedience training, they are loyal and extremely devoted to their pet parents. No wonder they top the list when it comes to choosing a companion dog!
Popularly known as the ‘Hutch dog’, the Pug has stolen many hearts after he was seen romping with his lil’ pet parent in the Hutch ad. This small dog is fun-loving, even though he might give an impression of being serious-minded. They love human attention and follow their human counterparts, and you can definitely sing along, “You and I…in this beautiful world.”
The ever-loving, ever-pleasing Labrador is one of the most sought after dogs among all ages. This loving and sensitive dog is a pleasure for any family. What’s most amazing is his ability to judge the mood and emotional state of his human family. He is indeed a dog with a difference!
Dalmatian :
This white dog with black spots has won many a hearts after he was featured in a popular movie ‘101 Dalmatians’. Playful and energetic, they form good companions for children, as they also love to play and have fun. A lovely family pet, we must say!
Golden Retriever:
Friendly, intelligent, eager to please, this versatile dog is a darling among both young and old. Active and fun loving, they are truly family dogs!