Happiness in a Bowl!


For most pet parents, their furry friend’s nutrition and health are top priorities. What if you can get both in the same bowl? This is what Bharat Pittie, Director at Orange Pet Nutrition Pvt Ltd, refers the newly introduced Fidele+ with which your pet gets the goodness of natural ingredients and great taste making it truly ‘happiness in a bowl’.

Bharat and Aiyazz
The legacy continues with Indian roots, Orange Pet Nutrition has a vision to make Fidele+ a brand that resonates with Indian values and old Ayurveda tradition of good health. “Our mission for Fidele+ is to reach more pet parents so that they can feed high nutrition diet based on our old Indian tradition which ensures better health for their pets,” says Bharat Pittie.

He adds, “I have been in the pet market since 2001 and have seen tremendous change in pet parents keeping pet dogs and cats as status symbol or for security reason. Pets are becoming part of the family. They have moved from outside to inside the house, which is a big change.” According to him, the current pet industry of India is almost Rs 2500 cr and growing at 25 percent per annum.

Making milestone
Bharat mentions while working for a big MNC as their exclusive distributor for almost eight years he discovered a need for a quality ingredient dog food that fits the Indian household budget. In 2014 Bharat and Aiyaaz launched Fidele focused on premium quality pet food with the goodness of natural ingredients.

Pandemic push
Pet industry as a whole all over the world has seen a major surge during the pandemic times as more and more people were forced to stay at home and they had ample amount of time and disposable incomes, they started taking in pets and this led to a surge in the overall pet industry. It also proves that keeping pets at home reduces stress, anxiety and depression which are some of the major problems in the world. India has seen a tremendous growth during the pandemic with the pet industry going through an unprecedented surge.

Pets are family
“Pet industry has changed as I see more and more young Indians have stated living in urban cities with lavish lifestyles away from their families. In this scenario, the need for a pet companion will increase and there will be a healthy growth in the industry,” observes Bharat. He adds that pets have become family and there is more concern for their health and longevity and pet parents look out for healthier and better options to feed their furry kids.

Health & happiness
Fidele+ is a complete diet for all life stages of your dog. It has an amazing taste that even fussiest eaters would love. With high quality ingredients that bring happiness and health, Fidele+ aims to retain its Indian roots and add some beneficial ingredients to its pet food range. All these ingredients are great for your pet’s overall wellbeing and health.

The desi herb mix
Along with Chicken, Salmon Oil, Flaxseed, Fidele+ contains some unique natural ingredients such as Dried Turmeric, Holy Basil, Dried Ginger,Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Dried Chicory.

Dried Turmeric : Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Its key component is curcumin which has been proven to be an anti-oxidant and helps fight free radicals in the body of humans and pets. And it is also helpful in arthritis, allergies, gastrointestinal infections and dental problems. Dogs can take small quantity of turmeric and get all the benefits. Your pet gets the goodness of dried turmeric in their every day meals.

Holy Basil: Having amazing medicinal properties Holy Basil is known to be antiviral, antimicrobial, antioxidant and mood enhancer. Including this ingredient in your pet’s diet is a great idea and will provide lots of benefits.

Dried Ginger: Ginger is such a beneficial ingredient for you and your pet. It works wonders as a digestive aid and helps in prevention of cancer and osteoarthritis. So, while you sip on ginger tea, let your pet relish and get the benefits of dried ginger.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil: Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is super beneficial for different aspects of your pet’s health and wellness that include shiny and lustrous coat, good skin, alleviating digestive disorders and weight control. Make Cold Pressed Coconut Oil a part of your pet’s daily diet.

Dried Chicory: Chicory is a great source of inulin. Various studies have shown that inulin has beneficial effects on good bacteria in the gut, acts as a probiotic and is a great source of dietary fiber. Adding Dried Chicory to your pet’s diet will give them a lot of health benefits.
Future vision

COVID-19 highlighted the importance of health and wellness. Bharat mentions, “We took charge and believed in our age-old traditional herbs to boost immunity. We decided that these Ayurvedic herbs should be added to Fidele+ to make it a wholesome and complete dog food.” Bharat’s vision is to see Fidele+ among the top five dog food brands in India soon.

Bharat conclusively mentions that he is quite happy to see a lot of new-age entrepreneurs, who are pet parents, enter the industry as their love for pets will bring great products for all pets. In his message to them, he conveys, “Please keep pets at the centre of all your products and services to be successful.”