SuperPets—A Touch to Heal Your Beloved Pets


Standing (L-R) – Dr Shagufta Abdi, Dr Nikita Pujari, Dr Yash Savla,

We live in a time when pets are family members and pet parents are ready to go to any extent to treat their pets. With SuperPets Small Animal Clinic you get best treatment and services for your pets. The team work with all their heart to ensure your pet is happy and healthy!
SuperPets came into picture in August, 2018. We always had a motivation to serve animals with better diagnostic equipments which were lacking in many clinics and provide better infrastructure at par with human hospitals to ensure our patients receive best facilities and advanced treatment options without compromising on anything. That is when Dr Yash Savla came up with SuperPets that perfectly embodies our tagline – ‘2nd Chance to 1 Life’.

Together, with support from our families, we started the setup with a vision to do something big in a 200 sq ft area. Slowly we moved towards 2000 sq ft and now the next big goal is 6000 sq ft hospital.

Striving for success is a team effort
Currently, SuperPets in Khar (Mumbai) has a full-fledged clinical facility which can take care of all medical treatments, surgeries, and endoscopies. We also have a state-of-the-art physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centre for orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. Moreover, we also have pet shop and pet grooming facility, which makes us a one stop shop for all requirements of your pets.

We currently are a team of 8 veterinarians, each having their own forte and a support staff of more than 20 people. Our team works relentlessly to provide unmatched care to your pets. We specialise in multiple sectors, but the two main ones are endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries. Endoscopy and laparoscopic surgery are minimally invasive surgery wherein an endoscope is either inserted via natural opening of body or via keyhole incision to retrieve any foreign object, perform spays, to perform diagnostic procedure etc. This helps us visualise internal organs for better diagnosis which helps pets heal faster, avoid pain, and reduces the risk of spread of infection.

Apart from medical and surgical sector, we are very proud of our Aqua-Physio Fitness Centre, which is one-of-a-kind in India. It offers best rehab facility and modalities to our patients to recover from any orthopedic or neurological aberration, help geriatric patients to live a pain-free life, and also helps them maintain proper fitness for better quality of life.

‘Paw’sitive approach – looking at the bright side of life
The optimistic and positive approach of our clinic towards any case, that alone is very different from other clinics. The theme of our clinic is blue and yellow, the most attractive colours for dogs; so that itself gives a very pleasant and joyful vibe instead of the depressing feeling one gets from hospitals. We take pride in going to any extent to treat our patients and never give up on any case till the very end. We like to keep ourselves updated with latest developments, modalities, and treatment protocols to give best possible services to our patients for their comfort and well-being.

Vouching for responsible pet parenting
Today’s pet parents are very smart and are aware of the needs of their pets and treat them as part of their family. They are willing to go an extra mile for their necessities and comfort. But certain things, which they do need to understand is in terms of their pet’s lifestyle. The problem of pet obesity is real and it can lead to very bad consequences in long run. How much ever you love them, keep a check on their balanced diet for their own good. Regular walks are essential, keeping in mind your pet’s overall size and medical condition if any.

Always keep your pet, no matter what size, on-leash especially when you take them for a walk or to the clinic. Your pet might be friendly but no one can vouch for other pets in the clinic. Our clinic floorings are as non-slippery as possible, similarly your floorings at home should be non-slippery. This will encourage proper gait, bone, and muscle development. Not many people realise the detrimental effect of slippery flooring in long term. Do not encourage any wrong habits. Speak to your vet about your concerns before it turns into something big.

Expanding to our new venture to serve you better
We are very excited about our new venture coming up in Andheri West, Mumbai. It is a three storied building with an ultra-modern infrastructure for animals. It will consist of individual consultation rooms, drip area, surgical preparation room, operation theatre, and will provide hospitalization for serious and critical cases, modern equipments for physiotherapy, underwater treadmill and swimming pool for hydrotherapy as well as pet shop and pet grooming to pamper your best friends.

Moreover, taking into consideration the stress pet parents go through when their furry friend is sick, we will be incorporating pet café and ‘puppy and me’ play area, where fitness activities will be conducted and it will give pet parents a wholesome place to spend time with their beloved pets. This set-up will basically take care of every aspect of pet’s needs and requirements and will give you a chance to give them the comfortable and happy lifestyle they deserve.

‘Dolly’ our angel who filled us with hope
There have been multiple cases in recent times, but one case which is close to our heart is the rescue of our in-house cat Dolly. I found her on a footpath of a highway in a comatose state. Thinking she was dead, I went to lift her up and keep her on one side of the road. But then I realised she was breathing. Took her to a local clinic which was closed at that time but luckily a helper was there and the doctor gave me permission to use his clinic. Her temperature was unreadable on thermometer, eyes locked, and she looked old. After administering oxygen, emergency drugs and fluids she started responding a little bit.
In a day we realised that she has spinal injury and was paralysed.

Over a period of intensive medications and care, gradually she started responding well, her appetite increased and her blood reports looked more promising. For her mobility, we began with regular physiotherapy, post which she started improving drastically. Her pain reduced and her hind limb movements became better. She started walking and jumping on tables and chair in due course. Eventually we decided to adopt her in clinic and she became an integral part of SuperPets family. When she expired last year after battling chronic kidney condition, we held a cat neutering camp in her remembrance, which was an emotional moment for the team.

This case showed the true spirit of SuperPets, that every life deserves a second chance to survive, no matter what condition and age. And we are ready to provide that opportunity to every furry friend out there.

Pet physiotherapy is a boon for your furry friends
Physiotherapy is fairly new in India, but much awaited and required arena in veterinary world. It helps to take care of so many cases, right from minor limps and wounds to major pre and post op rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurological cases. It not only helps geriatric patients live a pain free, better quality and respectable life but also helps your young and middle aged furry companions who have decreased or lost mobility due to various conditions like hip dysplasia, arthritis, ivdd, spondylosis etc. The joy of seeing a completely paralyzed dog walk again and to be a part of that journey is something that cannot be described in words.

For rehabilitation purpose we provide various facilities, which include class 4 laser therapy, electrical stimulation, acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound, underwater treadmill, swimming pool, therapeutic massages, and tailored exercises for various conditions. We realised very early that one modality or procedure does not help to an extent, as a proper multi-modal approach does. Hence, all our patients receive appropriate tailored plan which is made according to their condition, requirement and response to a treatment. The whole idea is to try and make all the therapies an enjoyable process and to reduce the stress as much as possible.

Count your blessings
I would just like to say that we are fortunate to be in times where there is so much awareness about animals and people are ready to go to any extent to get their pets treated. The only thing we can do in return is to provide good service to our patients and offer best quality treatment options that work in their favor. We do face many challenges in between, but the whole idea is to overcome them and work towards greater good and betterment of animals.

(Dr Nikita Pujari, MVSc, PG Dip Physio (UK), is veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialist and co-founder of SuperPets)