All I Want for Christmas is ‘Bow’


Here’s what a great Christmas looks like – being cuddled up with your furry friend, drinking hot chocolate and watching cute holiday-themed movies! Make the most of this season of joy with your pets.

Our lovely pet parents share how their pets make their life and this festive season all the more bright and happy. Spreading cheer, one wag at a time gets a whole new meaning with the priceless friendship with your furry buddies!

Awesome ‘paw’some magicians
“Momo is the silver lining in the clouds of our day-to-day chores called life. His presence uplifts our emotions, our sense of responsibility, and most importantly our quality of life in terms of companionship. His demands for cuddling, playfulness and mischief soothe us in our stressful lives. His funny streaks, innocent gazes, wagging tail makes my mundane life of pursuing PhD a fun-filled existence. And quoting my wife, a healthcare professional in this situation of pandemic, the only thing that keeps me sane even after witnessing numerous deaths in ICUs, is Momo’s godly presence with us. A week ago, we celebrated his first birthday and are waiting for Christmas. We are blessed to be his humans. And he is our sunshine,’ says Soumya Deep Das.


“My pet Bruno is my magician and has brought immense joy and happiness in our life. He’s a complete foodie and he loves to eat Pedigree, veggies, fruits and relishes fish and rice as well. I love spending time with him basking in the sun or playing in the evenings. Outdoor is his favourite place. If he sees a cat he barks like anything. Due to pandemic I could not take him with me during my travels. I take special care of Bruno’s wellness and grooming. Because remember that a well-groomed dog is a happy dog,” says MRM Nair.


Santa paws is coming to town
“Buzzo is my sunshine and my best friend in the whole world. He shows unconditional love and loyalty towards me and my family. You need to be a pet parent to understand the feeling that he’s not just a pet but an integral part of your family. I have learned how to be happy and joyful in life from Buzzo and will always be grateful to him,” says Krishna.

Elly & Ishanvi

“Elly is my best friend, my reason to smile and her smiley face keeps our heart at peace4. She is an angel who is blessed our life and taught me the meaning of unconditional love. She is an indispensable part of my life. Thanks for coming into our life and leaving paw prints on our heart fur-ever,” says Ishanvi.



“My dogs have been the reason I have woken up every single day of my life with a smile on my face. Our canine buddies are always there for us in good times and in bad. Bella is the reason I smile everyday—the reason my heart is filled with unbound love and affection. Nothing makes me smile more than looking into the face of my furry friend who loves me beyond words,” says Siya.

We ‘woof’ you a Merry Christmas!

Maverick with Ishita and Mansi

“Christmas is a joyous and happy time of the year. On this eve, Heads Up For Tails (HUFT) collaborated with Stills by Rohit to organise a photography session for all of their pet families. So, my sister and I decided to surprise our pet, Maverick, in a unique way to commemorate the occasion. As soon as we reached the location, Maverick was overjoyed to see his new friends at the studio. The most surprising part was that he continued to run around and pose in various ways, attracting everyone around him. He liked the way he was being captured, as well as the new red stole he was wearing around his neck. We had a great time getting our candid photo, and all we wanted for Christmas was to spend time with him and when we captured all of our wonderful moments says,” Ishita.

Let the sun shine on your life’s sunshine

Mia with Clarice and Sharath Satish

“When Mia came home, we knew our lives would change forever. But never in a million years could we have thought she’d have an impact on so many people. She makes friends everywhere we go and gives each of them so much love and happiness. She’s happy in just being near people. She doesn’t need treats or toys or material things. Just a human (or ten) to love. Treats and toys are of course always accepted as a bonus,” says Clarice.

“Until 2019, Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat was my motto. And then in the year 2020 enters a highly energetic cuddly furball in our life – Mr Flockii Lobo. He found the way to our heart instantly. His twinkling eyes gave us so much warmth that he synced to the rhythm of my heartbeat! Our mornings now start with his slobbery kisses, I smile like never before, I plan his meals/daily activities as he eagerly waits for it, and I got a travel buddy now. I now laugh till my tummy aches looking at his puppy face, I weep like a baby because I know he listens to me and wouldn’t judge me, in one moment I become a child and the very next I turn a pet parent and just like that my routine changed from a normal to a happy life, a meaningful one! He is my daily reminder to smile no matter what!,” says Josheela Lobo

Josheela conclusively adds, “I strongly believe that someone above knew that I deserved few of my deepest wishes that have remained unfulfilled and so he graced me with this little miracle who now helps me accomplish the most integral reason of this life…. living it.”