Pawsitive Love Forecast 2022


Varsha Verma
& Rocky
Here’s how to have a loving and lovable year with your pawsome friends!
Joyful January : January brings cold, which means your four paw friend needs extra care. Give him a healthy diet and remember, he might need more food than he usually eats to beat the cold. It is time to snuggle with your pet and keep him close to you. Enjoy the companionship, love him and cuddle him as there are promises to keep. Also, keep a watch for strays and try to give them a cosy place to sleep.

Faithful February: With February comes love… it’s the Valentine month… commitment with your pooch furever… to be with them and take care of them even in their silver age. They are a part of our world but we are their world… let’s make this world a beautiful place for them.
Magical March: India is a land of festivals and March signifies the colours of love… let’s spread the paw-love on Holi. Our pooches know just one language – the language of love. Let’s learn this language to make this world a happier place.
Adventurous April: It’s spring time folks. Plan a road trip with your furry friend. Let him enjoy newer places and of course new smells. Let him sniff around and see the world. Get out the adventurous streak.
Mindful May: Summers are harsh, both for us and your paw-friends. Keep sunshine at bay, keep them indoors in a cool environment. Give them a lot of cool water to drink. Let them bite into fresh cucumbers and other cooling vegetables. Take care of the strays too. Give them a cool place to relax if possible.
Jaunting June: Since June is about summer holidays for children, it is the best time to go on a short trip with your pooch. Check a pet-friendly location and have a good time with your family.
Judicious July: When it pours, there are dog ticks and fleas. Come rainy season and it is time to take extra care of your pooch. Check his coat thoroughly for any ticks and fleas. Give him appropriate treatment, in consultation with your vet.
Amusing August: Every dog loves to please his family. Teach your dog a new trick and see the joy on his face when he gets it right. Give him a lot of treats and love when he learns it. Play hide and seek with your pooch and let him run around.
Savvy September: Vaccination is a very important aspect of pet parenting. So, check your pet’s vaccination schedule. Schedule a vet visit for a yearly screening.
Observant October: Observe your pet closely. Is he happy, sad or just bored? If your pet is hale and healthy, there is nothing to worry. Else, see the underlying cause if he behaves strange. Observe his general health condition and give him the comfort if he is growing old or showing signs of ageing.
Nippy November: November marks the onset of cold. It is also a festive time. With Diwali around, there’s a positive cheer all around. Make your pet a part of your festivities. Say ‘No’ to crackers. Enjoy the positive vibes and spread happiness all around.
Dreamy December: The Christmas bells are ringing…the weather is awesome…delicacies all around…it is the dreamy part of the year! Give your pooch load full of love, tuck them in winter clothes, have fun and be merry until the calendar shows it’s time for a fresh, new and happy beginning once again!