If there is a dog walking with you, you can walk through anything!


Simba with Agnes Davies
Every pet parent will admit that you have to say ‘yes’ to walks every time your pet comes to you with those puppy eyes and wagging tail. It is really difficult not to cheer up with this display of paw-applause! –by Agnes Davies
Walkiez is the magic word! Simba will prompt you with frequent eager reminders to step out of the house for fresh air and exercise. Dog households follow the rule – the more the walks, the merrier the day becomes! These prompts come in an effusive range of sounds, with whines, whimpers, and nudges.

Little sniff break

Simba with Carolyn
Walkiez is undoubtedly the adventure Simba ardently dreams of! It is more than just a bathroom break. From Simba’s perspective, it gives him a chance to be a little nosy and find out what’s happening around in the neighbourhood. With a sprightly step and jaunty look, he keeps tabs on the neighbourhood. The scent trails are too many and too engrossing. He has to follow and pursue! All those smells perk him up with information; it’s his way of keeping track of ‘Aaj ki taaza khabar’. This little sniff break puts him into raptures! We have to just loosen the leash for a few minutes and give him a chance to enjoy and take in all those smells.

A high-spirited dog

Simba thinks we walk far too slowly. But will not complain about it. Perhaps he fears something is better than nothing at all. Simba will move as fast as he can manage. His sixteen kilos give him an easy advantage over speed. We neatly avoid a leash tug-of-war because with a high-spirited dog you can bet that the ‘hooman’ will definitely lose. No matter where you walk there are going to be distractions. If your pet is like Simba, then you know every lurking cat sighting becomes a mega dagger-drawn event!

Leave G-mail and switch to pee-mail

All of this sniffing around is serious business and requires all his concentration, discernment, and time. Simba will wander where he wants to snuffle and leave messages of his own! We have Snapchat and Insta, he has ‘pee-mail’. Dogs have special glands between their toes to leave extra scents on the ground as they scratch the grass and mud. Simba will scratch the ground with his feet to further emphasise his signal. It helps him get the most thrills out of his walks.

Limitless curiosity

The olfactory sense of dogs is at least 10,000 times greater than human’s. Dogs experience the world through their noses—the stinks and stench, aromas, and fragrances too. Simba’s curiosity is limitless! He wants to smell what the environment has to offer. Try dragging your pet away from a tantalising scent and it is a battle of wills, or asking him to heel is utter folly!

Simba’s delight is priceless and the tail never stops wagging whenever it is walk time.