Oreo – Apple of our eye!


I remember the day when I finally got my Oreo in my hand. Reason was simple—I had really waited for him my whole life. –by Sonali Gupta
I met my fur baby Oreo on Facebook. I always wanted a puppy when I was a kid… but like most of Indian moms, my mom also said, “…pehle tum log to pal jao”. So that time didn’t come sooner until I shifted to Bengaluru with my husband. We both love to see cute puppy or cute animal videos.

Love at first sight

One day I was scrolling down on my Facebook feed where we saw some posts about availability of pups. We always admired Golden Retrievers for their happy and beautiful nature, so we couldn’t stop and started thinking of having one. We couldn’t make our mind so easy because of our busy office life and also thinking about how leaving him home alone when we have to go to office every day.

After three months of rigorous considerations on how we will manage, we finally decided to do this. We again started looking for Golden Retriever pup and that’s where we saw Oreo’s picture and it was love at first sight. He is a cute little English Cream Golden Retriever and is apple of our eye. We are so happy that we brought him into our life.

Brand ambassador

It has been 10 months now and a lot has changed since then. Oreo has 10.9K followers on Insta (@oreo_thefluffyboss) and they just love watching him. They want to see him grow and ask us to share every day. Oreo has done lot of brand collaborations around 20 with brands like Himalaya Companion Care, Heads Up For Tails (HUFT), Hempstrol Global and with many other budding businesses in most of the pet industry domains. We have participated in many pet awareness campaigns and done two grand giveaways so far.

Recently, Oreo was modeled and photo shot for Captain Zack, a big pet brand and we hope to see him soon with all the great blessings from the world he is receiving day by day. After all, we are grateful to share this small story with the world and hope to get more and more love from this world going forward.

Lots of love and thank you from Oreo’s mom (me), dad (Animesh Singh) and our whole family!