Best is yet to be!


Grow old along with me—the best is yet to be! Indeed, consider myself lucky to have spent Sparkle’s golden years with him. We started noticing slight changes in him after he was nine years of age. But inspite of aging what remained unchanged was his joie de vivre. The morning wags, the walk time, his soul searching eyes, tantrums…all remained intact. I still cannot forget Sparkle’s intelligence—he always knew when we were going to his veterinarian Dr Pradeep Rana, Dr Santosh and all the incredible vets at Neeti Bagh Clinic.
It was a task to get Sparkle inside the vet clinic, he was petrified – I guess memories of the injections maybe! With great difficulty we used to take him in the clinic and sometime even had to pick him up as he was always searching for an escape route. On the vet table he would look at me for reassurance and comfort and I would just hug him. Payment@vet was very difficult as Mr Sparkle was always trying to run out, it was relief for him to run back to the car! His vets helped us with his transition in becoming a SENIOR and took care of him and also guided as in every incredible manner—my heartfelt thanks to the passionate team.
Life has a new meaning with our fur family, it is upto us as pet parents to watch out for any signs of change. Old age for everyone comes with its challenges. It is again at this stage of life pets need us more. One should take care of their physical and mental wellness and wellbeing. Do read our articles in this issue—‘Grow Old Along with Me–The Best is Yet to Be!’, ‘Superior Care for Suave Seniors!’. Cuddle to them reading ‘Celebrating Winters—One Snuggle at a Time!’ and ‘Love at Frost Sight!’
Latest analysis reveals what pet parents have believed for a long time—it is not only getting a sense of what you’re saying, dogs may also know some phrases. According to Sophie Jacques, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Dalhousie University, Canada, and psychologist Catherine Reeve, have written in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science that recommend the common canine ‘understands’ about 89 phrases. The two researchers are learning to what extent these early studying talents can predict various issues of canines.
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