Capturing love in every frame!


Rohit Agarwal is an accidental photographer, at least that’s how he describes himself. He worked in companies like Amazon and Flipkart in leadership positions for almost a decade before listening to his calling to celebrate and capture the beautiful lives of pets. 
He has been associated with photography for seven years and has been doing professional pet photography for the last three years. His love for pets and passion for photography gave birth to ‘Stills by Rohit’.
Don’t we all have a hidden photographer in all of us? But a few have the courage to follow the path that the heart carves! Back in 2015, Rohit was into general photography. The spark started when he visited Cubbon Park in Bengaluru during misty mornings and started taking hotographs of street dogs. He did it for two years and decided it to take a step further. That’s when he started visiting animal shelters to see if his photography skills can help the shelter furries with adoption.

Follow your heart, it knows the way!
Stills by Rohit is a one of its kind and one of India’s first lifestyle premium photography services dedicated to pet families. One fine day in 2017 somebody approached me and asked how much I charge for the shoots. That was the light-bulb moment for me. I researched more about it and realised the value of these valuable yet difficult to capture memories for the pet families. And that’s how Stills by Rohit came into action. I did it for three years along with my job as a side hustle. But in 2020 I decided to quit my job at Amazon and follow my heart to become a full time pet photographer.

Driven by ‘paw’ssion
Since I capture the beautiful bond pets and pet parents share, for me every shoot is special in its own way. But the ones that are closest to my heart are the shoots with senior dogs and adoption shoots; that’s when I realise the value of my work.

I keep trying new things for the pet families, be it having a photography space for pet families, or providing styling consultation for the families, understanding the pet’s personalities to be able to capture them better, or providing professional make up for the humans to create that perfect picture, we try to things that are driven by passion!

Capturing candid moments is the best
In order to make the pets comfortable I make sure that they are not stressed at any point of time or being forced to do something just for the sake of a picture. Rather I try and capture the bond between the pet family and the personality of the pet in the most natural ways possible!
I like to capture pure and real emotions to be able to immortalize the beautiful stories of pets with their families, which one can look back on and smile at. I consciously invest time in understanding the behaviors of pets in detail to be able to capture their personalities better. I am closely associated with various animal shelters in Bengaluru and helps them in adoption or fundraising initiatives through his photography skills.

Putting our heart and soul into it
Currently at Stills by Rohit we offer a host of photo shoots that the pet families can choose from. The photo shoots range from family sessions to maternity sessions to pet solo shoots. In 2021, I also launched India’s first photography space in Bengaluru just for the pet families. This photography space has both indoor and outdoor areas. In the coming days pet parents can expect me to bring more surprises for them such as pre-wedding shoots with pets, theme shoots like Valentine’s Day, Diwali or Christmas shoots.

Small steps to becoming a pro photographer
You might have tons of pictures of our pets in our phones as you don’t miss out on opportunity to click them in the most adorable ways. But it is a good idea to know some basics of pet photography so that you can take better photos from your phone.