Holistic wellbeing of our precious paws


Fredun Medhora
Understanding holistic welfare, the Fredunianway! Meet Fredun Medhora, Managing Director of Fredun Pharmaceuticals Ltd as he talks about his vision for pet wellness with passion and empathy. Fredun believes that pets are family and truly deserve the best care.
Fredunian Law—a destination of wellness! That’s what the brand aims at and ensures with their premium quality products this legacy is upheld.

Keeping up their promise of quality
Fredun Pharmaceuticals Ltd, started in 1987 by Dr Daulat Medhora and Nariman Medhora, has and still has only one focus – to improve lives. Having a tradition of quality performance and successful marketing of various pharmaceutical formulations, Fredun Pharmaceuticals Ltd made its foray into the field of animal healthcare products with Fredunvet. The company specialises in manufacturing various formulations made from MCHC (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Complex) which is a natural source of calcium and phosphorus for poultry, cattle, pets and big animals.

“We were one of the pioneers in MCHC (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Complex). We first started manufacturing this in 1987. Over the last decade we have diversified into nutrition, trading, health care, packaging etc. As a group company we are in diagnostics, dental, design and consultancy, textiles and various other allied fields. Fredun Pharmaceuticals Ltd has an admirable reputation in India and also across Africa, South East Asia, CIS countries and Latin America,” says Fredun Medhora.

Top quality is our top priority
“As for our product portfolio in the human segment our tagline is compassionate healthcare, we have the same ethos in the pet segment. We want to focus on immaculate quality pet products coming into the market which are effective and efficient. Our products speak for themselves and are synonymous with quality. Quality is our core ideology. The pet industry is in a nascent stage and our key driving factor is to have a holistic product basket which is effective and takes care of wholesome quality and wellness of your pets.

We are aiming at delivering end-to-end product range, right from the breeder to the point of retail. Our goal is to educate breeders for passionate breeding and our products will also be available at the retail point. Committing to quality with our growth and creating value addition in every spectrum of the pet care space is what we are constantly striving for. This will also compel other companies to drive towards change and improve their quality,” adds Fredun.

Nutrition as our USP
Currently our product range is focused on supplements for old pets, lactating moms, and puppies. We are launching snacks and food, pet products for grooming, whole foods (food which have holistic nutritional value from birth to geriatric dogs). Our snacks and food range is full of nutritional value. It is branded ‘SNACKY’ but there is nothing snacky about it, Fredun adds with a smile!

Our USP is nutritional content, any type of food snack or treat will not be considered as a treat but will add nutrition to the well-being of your pets. Our focus is on core diet which is needed and required by them. The core contents and nutritional factors will be considered as a prime motive.

Pledge as a pet parent
As a pet parent, Zane’s health is my prime concern and if anything happens I will immediately take him to his vet. This isn’t a pledge just for men, ask any pet parent and our thoughts will match. With our premium quality products we want to build immunity of your pets in order to create a stronger immune system which will pass on to the future generation of the pup and improve the health of the entire lineage and that’s our goal.

Fredunian future: a destination of wellness
Our advantage is that as a pet industry we are at a nascent stage. I feel rather than focussing on one stop shop we must specialise in each and every activity relating to the wellness of our pets who are family. Right now, our focus is on the Indian market. Globally we have our distribution channels in 43 countries and are growing each day.

I would want the breeders to evolve themselves and purely focus on breeding. Breeding is a very serious activity and should be given full attention. I would want to have a training institute for breeding to help breeders understand how to breed and to make the community stronger. A good breed solves so many problems; vets then can focus on longevity, health and wellness and not on problem solving.

We are going to have our own grooming stations and are going to ensure the right kind of grooming is done by certified people. Our passion drives us to participate in various events to promote knowledge and create awareness to each professional who is part of the pet industry. We will cover different areas related to animal cruelty, genetics, nutrition etc. where professionals can interact and learn.

The core benefit of the industry must be considered rather than being consolidated in the hands of a few. We should collectively work towards a big vision to make India a role model for the rest of the world in the veterinary space and my question is – what stops us?