Bio PetActive— A Perfect Amalgamation of Health & Happiness


Mitu Paul
When it comes to your pets, you want the best and never want to make a compromise on quality. Bio PetActive has been providing premium quality pet products and impeccable pet services since 1998! Today the brand is synonymous with trust and quality. –by Mitu Paul

Since its foundation, Bio PetActive has handled the challenges experienced by pet parents and provided non-medical products, nutritional aids and care products for our lovely pet friends to have a healthy and quality life. The brand offers unique solution products for cats and dogs that are carefully developed at their R&D labs (Mar Kimya Labs based in Turkey).

Mar Kimya is one of the leading labs in the world. It provides its products and services to more than 81 cities across Turkey and the products are exported to more than 30 countries in the world. Mar Kimya produces its products according to European guidelines and regulations, GMP, ISO 22716:2008 and is registered with U.S. FDA which guarantees highest level in quality.

An advanced R&D department was established to closely monitor changes in the ever changing pet industry and to direct efforts to produce new products. With Bio PetActive you get the promise of quality. With an experience of more than three decades in the industry, you know your pet’s health is in safe hands!

For their health & your happiness
The innovative formula and highest standard of manufacturing ensure that the products are of top notch quality. The company’s aim is to provide high quality products to make the world a better place for your pets, naturally. It is the dedication of the entire team that the brand is driven towards success. They envision to acquire and maintain global leadership position in pet industry.

Spoilt for choice with amazing products

Bio PetActive has a range of products for both cats and dogs. Some of the most popular products include –

  • Derma Dogs – It is a supplement to support your pet’s skin health and also improves bowel movements. It is Brewer’s yeast and garlic tablet, fortified with yucca, biotin, B Group vitamins, vitamin E, folic acid, amino acids and prebiotics.
  •  Tea Tree Shampoo – It is a dog shampoo that’s enriched with the goodness of tea tree oil. It provides soft fur, moisturises the skin and prevents dryness. It is a pH balanced formula which helps to maintain the natural oil of the skin.
    (Mitu Paul is Brand Head of Dibaq Pet Care India.)