Love at frost sight!


Priya Narasimhan

Winter grooming done right! Sharing a few tips on how to take care of your furies during the colder months. –by Priya Narasimhan
Just as you groom your pooch during warmer months, grooming during winter months is essential too. Don’t let the cold take the coolness off your pet. Follow these easy grooming tips and become a pro!

Regular combing, brushing, bathing and conditioning are very important to keep the coat healthy, hydrated, and mat-free.Some dogs tend to lose their natural oils in winter. Make sure the coat is well conditioned. It would be great to put them on an omega 3 supplement. Consult your vet to know the best omega 3 supplements for your pet.

Give them a warm water shower and never leave your pooches’ coat to sun-dry or just leave them towel dried. Make sure you blow dry them completely post bath. For long coat breeds, follow up shampoo with a good conditioner.

Trimming the tresses–yes or no?

  • It is believed that dogs need their long and thick fur in winter to protect them from the cold weather. As true as this may be, long coat breeds like Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Poodle and Cocker Spaniels need regular hair trimming. The idea is to keep the hair free from knots and tangles.
  •  Some pet parents tend to skip winter grooming for their pets, resulting in unmanageable length resulting in mats and tangles.
  •  Don’t forget to trim the hair under the paws and genital area to maintain proper hygiene.
  •  Do not opt for a zero cut or a very short haircut for your pets during winters. Make sure you get them styled in a way that the hair length is manageable for you at home and is also enough to keep them warm.
  •  Zero trim is advisable if your pet has developed a skin allergy or severe mats. Talk to your vet before doing so.

Pamper them with paw care!
Dogs tend to develop dry paws during winters. To keep their paws nourished and soft, using agood organic paw butter will be beneficial. Applying natural coconut oil on the paws helps too.If you live in an extremely cold place, it would be good to use dog boots or socks while taking them on walks. For breeds who tend to have long hair under the paws, it is recommended to trim in between the paws. Also keep their paws dry and clean them thoroughly after playtime and walks.

Winter snuggles can make all of us lazy! But let go of that quilt, and pamper yourself and your pooch with a relaxing grooming session. Self-care is the best care.

(Priya Narasimhan is Founder-Owner of Wizard of Paws, Bengaluru. She is a well-experienced pet groomer and stylist.)