Let’s live together in harmony!


As the ongoing Russian attack on Ukraine continues, causing horrifying destruction to life in every aspect, keeping hope for PEACE are some stories emerging… One of them is a heroic Jack Russell Terrier named Patron who assists the State Emergency Service of Ukraine to clear out explosives in the war-torn country.
Since the Russian invasion on Ukraine on 24th February, many pets from Ukraine have fled to Ireland with their pet parents. Ireland and other EU countries have waived normal bio-security and pet travel requirements in light of the ongoing war. So far, around 618 dogs and cats from Ukraine have arrived in Ireland. A Ukrainian family in the war-torn Kharkiv city rescued a pregnant dog and they have re-homed her in a safe place. It’s an amazing example of compassion and generosity of people who love pets in such unprecedented war times.
When it comes to messiahs, who come out to rescue our furry friends in troubled times, an 11-year-old boy Evan Bisnauth at the Animal Care Center of New York City goes the extra mile to connect with dogs by reading to them. During the pandemic, he started making video animations that he drew, voiced, and posted to help get shelter dogs adopted by showcasing their traits and talents.
In the Siddipet district in Telangana, more than 100 stray dogs in Thigul village were poisoned and dumped in a well. The horrific incident came to light after a pet dog from the village went missing. Animal activist Adulapuram Goutham lodged a complaint against the village sarpanch and secretary, alleging that the duo hired contract killers and poisoned the dogs. Animal welfare organisation People for Animals India has condemned the brutal act in Siddipet and urged the Chief Minister of Telangana to take appropriate action. This is not the first time that mass killing of stray dogs has been reported from Siddipet. In 2019, around 100 dogs were killed by the municipal staff in the town, triggering an outrage from animal activists and pet lovers.
Let’s live together in harmony! Our furry buddies need all the love and happiness we can give them for a life of contentment and wellness. Meet Toby Keith from Florida who has been recognised and honoured as the ‘World’s Oldest Dog Living’ at the age of 21 years and 66 days by the Guinness World Records. His pet parent Gisela Shore describes him as the ‘sweet, gentle and loving’ pooch.
Now is the time to stop the cruelty against our furry friends, let’s save them from trouble and let’s hope for PEACE for all! Join us on Facebook, Insta…Celebrate paws…Celebrate love…always!