All’s Well for Aloha Summers!


Summer is here – the season to hit the beach and enjoy picnics! The most awaited vacation season for kids with lots of travel plans and family outings. But don’t forget your pets who feel all the heat and need a lot of extra care during summers.
parents win it all because we don’t need any particular holiday to feel special, we have special dinner dates with pets, playtime, long drives, cosy bedtime…the list just goes on! Our furry companions make every second of our life worthwhile! All said and done, summer is the time when you need to take extra care of your pets because of all the heat! Just like you, your pet also feels uncomfortable and uneasy in the heat.
Dodge the dehydration

Like you feel thirsty and sweaty in the sweltering heat, the same is with pets. They start panting and drooling. Make sure your pet has access to cool and clean drinking water readily. Try and changing the water in their water bowl thrice a day. Place the water bowl in cool and dry place. Don’t leave your pet on the terrace or in the yard for a long time in the sun, as it may cause heat stroke.
No fuss for food

One can notice pets food intake is reduced in summers. Don’t panic, it is totally fine. Pets tend to drink lots of water throughout the day, so intake of solid food can go down a little. Avoid giving your pet eggs and red meat in summers as it may cause upset stomach. Include more of buttermilk or curd rice, if your pet likes it. You can also give him ice-cream after consulting your vet. Do not give ice cold water; try to give room temperature water.
Indoor or outdoor–make sure they stay cool!

It’s better to keep the pet indoor, under a fan or AC to keep him cool! In case your pet likes to be outdoors, make sure the bed is kept in a cool and dry place. You can fix an air cooler to make him comfortable and beat the heat.
Dogs sweat through their paw pads, which causes them to lick continuously. It can lead to rashes or fungal infection. Make sure to clean their paws with water and antiseptic solution at least once a day!
Heavy coat breeds tend to get scratchy and matted due to moisture in air, causing discomfort. Regular grooming will be of great help.
Hello hygiene

Make sure the place where your pets sleep is cleaned everyday with kennel detergents. This is the season when pets attract tick and fleas due to humidity. Mop the sleeping area twice a day with disinfectants.
Summer body loading….

It’s the right time to loose few kilos even for pets. Engage your pet in activity to keep them active and healthy. Walking for about 30 minutes, playing fetch, hide n’ seek, running up-down the stairs, there are many options available. The hot road and pavement can burn their paws in summers. So take them on walks during early morning and late evening when the temperature is slightly cooler.
Good grooming goes a long way!

Bathe your pet every 15-20 days. They do feel relaxed after bath just as we do. Clip the nails every 15-20 days. If you cannot do this at home, get professional grooming services. Use mild pet-friendly shampoo and conditioner. Get your pet’s hair trimmed to make summers more bearable for them! Use tick and flea collars, pipette solution on collar one, to manage ticks and fleas. Take your pet to groomers at least every alternate month for thorough clean up. Let the fur ball get a little pampered once a while.
Always vouching vet visits

Don’t forget the monthly vet visits to keep your pet’s de-worming, vaccination, and health check in place!
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