DCC Animal Hospital ensures each pet gets best healthcare in India


Incorporated in April 2019 in Singapore, A’alda has been into veterinary hospital business in India and Japan. In the following year, the company launched A’alda Vet India, opened DCC Animal Hospitals in Gurugram and Greater Kailash-II in New Delhi. The pet hospital chain is on the mission of ensuring each pet gets the best healthcare in India.

Ohhum Kwan
As multispecialty hospitals with state-of-the-art facility, advanced equipment, skilled vets practicing global standards of veterinary driven by passion for pets, DCC Animal Hospitals are here in India to ‘Redefine Veterinary, Simplify Veterinary’. A’alda Vet India aims at pursuing the happiness of pets and their pet parents by tackling the issues of modern society with a vision.
The beginning…

Recalling the beginning, Ohhun Kwon, Director, A’alda Vet India Pvt Ltd, shares how the Founder/CEO of A’alda Pte Ltd, Masamichi Okuda, an extraordinary pet lover, started the veterinary hospital business with the opening of DCC Animal Hospitals in India and Japan. Before that he joined PECO Inc, a Japanese startup which focuses on pet business and running the largest pet media in the country. He served as the company’s CEO in an overseas subsidiary after successfully transforming its media platform and products for pets.
Ohhun continues, “Living with 10 animals, which include 4 dogs, 1 cat and others, Masamichi had a dream to make the pet industry a place for happy animals. He thus launched A’alda Pte Ltd in Singapore to create a society where people and animals can coexist harmoniously, with a vision of Pet to Partner—From Member of Family to Member of Society.” After that A’alda opened the Indian subsidiary, which is the first subsidiary in Asia, then expanded to Japan and Thailand.
Growth in India

Dr Vinod Sharma
Ohhun narrates, “Last year, Delhi recorded US$7800 GDP per capita. In China, it was US$19,000 GDP per capita five years back which brought a lot of change in the country’s pet industry. Just two years back individual vet practitioners in China increased multifold and suddenly the country witnessed 300 pet hospital chains.” Comparing the rapid growth in the Chinese pet industry, he mentions that if India receives around seven percent GDP growth, the country’s pet industry will be equivalent to China, which is the second largest pet market after the United States.
Core values

DCC Animal Hospitals maintain certain core values to preserve and nurture the human-animal bond. In this respect, Dr Vinod Sharma, Head of Veterinary Services, DCC Animal Hospital, says they treat pets with respect and care as they believe that pets are part of the society and they deserve the unconditional love they give us. He adds, “Our core values set the standard for our behaviour, our service to the pets and their parents. They enable us by reminding us of the importance of the profession we’ve chosen and the faith placed upon us. We think as one, treat as one”
The staff members at DCC Animal Hospitals treat pets and pet parents with compassion. They practice transparency, truthfulness and timely communication with their patients. Dr Vinod mentions that they are committed to their patients and also the community they serve. He adds, “Pet hospital segment in India has now started to grow. The sector was not so organised earlier, but it has gained a tremendous transformation over the last five to six years.”
Ohhun mentions, “In most of the developing countries, pet hospital chains are predominantly run by individual practitioners. But the changing scenario is that some private equity funds joined the market and acquired the hospital chains. This is how the DCC Animal Hospital chain has been developed and started operations in India and Japan, targeting to expand all over Asia in future.”
Special care

Talking about how DCC Animal Hospitals are different from others, Dr Vinod says it’s all about how they deal with the furry patients, right from their first visit to the last visit. “Our whole team is not just vets and paramedics—we are animal lovers who take care of health, nutrition, vaccination and everything including boarding.” He adds, “You just can go to a pet clinic to get your pet vaccinated and come back. This is not what we do. We first examine the pet, completely, thoroughly, to check whether the vaccination is fit for the pet or not, then which vaccines can be used. We carefully take care of all these small things.”
DCC Animal Hospital has its own proprietary mobile app through which pet parents can easily book appointments and they can also check the records of their four-legged friends while travelling or from the comfort of their home. In fact, they can also set reminders in order to not miss any vaccination dates and so on. Dr Vinod says they are not just targeting treatment, but everything related to pet education, awareness and special care. The state-of-the-art facilities, amenities and services of DCC Animal Hospitals mean little without the highly-skilled team of staff members and dedicated vets.
A final message from Dr Vinod to everyone —“DO THE RIGHT JOB! TREAT YOUR PET LIKE YOUR PARTNER. Think as one, Treat as one!”