Paws Learning & Research Council organises Indian VETexpo 2022


Three-day event loaded with information, learning, networking and planning

Paws Learning & Research Council (PLRC) India recently started an initiative for young leading vets of India. It organised the Indian VETexpo 2022 at Shinde Symposium Hall, Pusa Institute, New Delhi, from 27th to 29th March. The event scored a big hit for the pet industry.

Under the practiced guidance of Dr RT Sharma and Dr Ajay Sood, Indian VETexpo witnessed a series of seminars, workshops, and discussions on important aspects of the pet industry. There was a special hands-on workshop on dermatology. The significant issues and topics covered are orthopedics, soft tissue surgery, neurology, physiotherapy, acupuncture, rehabilitation of pets, etc. On the sidelines, there was an exhibition on the pet industry.
After a long pandemic break, Indian VETexpo 2022 brought the opportunity for all major brands to interact one-on-one with vets and customers. The Indian Pet Industry Forum (IPIF) Awards were also announced during the event. In the exhibition hall, Dogs & Pups interacted with some select exhibitors for their views on the latest developments and innovations in the Indian pet industry.

“It was great to see all the students, vets, researchers, and manufacturers together on one platform. The whole vet industry is under one roof, which is a beautiful initiative as we all benefit from this. The pets and vets—both have changed a lot, and the Indian pet industry has rediscovered itself after the pandemic.

We have new launches in the pet food category for cats and dogs. Now, we are focusing more on cat’s wellness diet– Kitty Yums. We have also expanded our dog food category. There are two types of feed available – prescription and wellness diet. We have a particular food for recovery, mobility, obesity, and gastrointestinal treatments.”

–Dr Nisar Ahmed, Drools

“I think this is the need of the hour, after trying time. In-person engagement is always good to connect with our customers. During the pandemic, we have seen a remarkable growth in the pet industry. Our survey data show a considerable rise in first-time pet parents during the pandemic. The work-from-home situation made people ready to adopt pets as psychologists and therapists recommend pet companions. Doctors are suggesting pets as a stress buster. India is one of the countries where the pet industry is growing because of new or first-time pet parents. The modern urban population prefers to have a pet before kids. Coming to the pandemic, many NGOs and stray feeders have done a great job.”

–Dr Shweta Singh,
Mars International India, Pedigree

“It’s a great feeling to get in touch with young vets from India. We are developing new relationships and also reviving the existing ones. Good numbers of vets are visiting us to meet and interact. During the pandemic, we launched new anesthesia products and unique products for ear treatment and kidney-related ailments. Vets love our products as they are getting great results.”

–Deepak Bhardwaj, Himalaya Wellness

“The young Vet community is growing stronger and is coming together. Footfall is high as compared to other cities. Our company’s turnover is growing like never before. We are growing at 40 percent PA post-pandemic. It is an excellent sign, and vets appreciate our newly launched products.”

–Kapil Rastogi, Venky’s Pet

“It is a perfect event. So many vets are coming, and our new products and launches are getting great exposure. It is an excellent way to promote our new and existing range. More than 100 doctors visited us at the expo and loved our products.”

–Ashutosh Jaiswal, MSD

“We are getting a good response; we are one of the leading & established companies in pharmaceuticals. After Covid, our products are in significant demand. So, it feels nice to interact with so many vets after so long.”

–Rohit Malhotra, INTAS

“The inevitable growth of 30-40% is there, but the more important thing is maintaining that growth. It should not decline. During Covid, people adopted the pet, but again after the opening up of offices and life returned to normalcy, there might be a drop in pet parents, and it may shrink to 15 percent.”

–Dr Rajnish Tyagi, HatVet Phrama

PLRC envisages growth of Indian Pet Industry

On the sidelines of Indian VETexpo 2022, Dogs & Pups had a candid conversation with Dr RT Sharma about the government’s role in improvement of the Indian Pet Industry.

D&P: What inspired you to start this initiative?

RT Sharma: PLRC is formed with the idea that companion animal practitioners should get proper recognition and government support and our mission is to guide veterinarians and young veterinary students in developing basic clinical skills through service-learning and community outreach, ethical and moral issues regarding animal welfare. By offering cutting-edge veterinary continuing education programs, we empower young vets and fuel the spread of knowledge, research, and innovation within our profession.

D&P: What changes do you recommend to improve the Ind6ian pet industry?

RT Sharma: The government should make a companion animal practitioner practice a separate segment and allocate some budgetary funds to develop the pet industry further.

D&P: Why do you think government support is so important?

RT Sharma: I firmly believe that we can create miracles in India with government support. For example, during COVID-19 pandemic time, our country produced a vaccine within one year, with full government support. If our Indian pet vaccine manufacturers get the same support, they’ll also make the vaccines for our canine, which are best suited for them. Right now, we are importing canine vaccines from the US and Europe. These vaccines are designed as per cool climatic conditions. And India has mostly tropical conditions.

Also, the pet industry in India has enormous potential; we can create big employment and generate even more significant revenue. I am sure that government will approve our demands. And we’ll start getting guidelines to promote it further.