Noah’s Nuggets


Author: Rani Boazz
Publisher: Subtledge (A Division of Indus Source)
ISBN-13: 978-9385509612
Noah’s Nuggets is Rani Boazz’s attempt to write about the eventful and tumultuous life of her dog Noah who is her heartthrob, her life and her joy. Telling the tale through Noah’s eyes, each chapter of the book touches upon a ‘nugget’ in Noah’s life—be it pet abandonment (starkly covered in Home Coming); pet care and pet enjoyment (My First Trip; Diwali at Banyan Bliss); pet socials (Brunch); educational stuff for readers (Beena’s Cob House); lockdown woes and a time for good tidings (A Tale of Two States), etc. Noah’s Nuggets is suitable for all groups.