Talking through my body!


Can you understand your pooch’s emotions by merely looking at him? If yes, you may call it love, when you know exactly how your K9 is feeling. In fact, it is the body language of your dog which communicates how he is feeling. Here are a few signals, which can help you gauge his feelings.


Understanding your pooch’s body language not only helps you ascertain his mood but also understand his next move…something we all need to know. To understand him, you need to have a keen eye, observing him to the minutest detail.

His body emanates his feelings. If you look closely, you can understand how he feels- whether he is happy, sad, bored, fearful, excited, dominant, submissive, etc. And believe me, your dog understands and appreciates when you are able to read his emotional language, thus strengthening your bond with him.

Though every pooch is different and so are his ways of expressing emotions, there are a few signs which can help you read your pooch’s body language.

Mr. Confident

How do you know your dog is confident? He is friendly and stands straight, his head is held high, ears are perked up and eyes are bright. His mouth is relaxed and may be slightly open and his tail is also relaxed – hanging, curling or swaying loosely.

Mr. Happy-go-lucky

A happy dog is confident, showing all those symptoms and yes, he wags his tail in delight and all dog people know…a wagging tailwagger is a happy lot.

Mr. Play-with-me

When do you know your pooch is ready to play? He will wag his tail rapidly, his eyes are bright, his ears up and may jump and run around…we all know these playful signs! Sometimes, a playful dog will give a play bow, his front legs and head stretched forward and his rear end up in the air. You definitely now know your pooch wants to play!

Mr. All yours

When do you know your dog is passive or submissive? Look out for signs like head and ears down and tail low. He doesn’t look into your eyes and may roll on his back and expose his belly. He is calm and gentle and only wants a great belly rub.

Mr. Tense

An anxious dog can be over-reactive and fearful, sometimes he may even be aggressive. Look out for his ears which are partially back and neck stretched out. He stands tensed and may shudder at times.

Mr. Apprehensive

An apprehensive dog is submissive and tensed. He stands low to the ground, looking very anxious. His ears are flat and eyes narrowed. He puts his tail between his legs and trembles. He might whine or growl. He may turn aggressive at a slight provocation, either move away or make him move to a less intimidating situation.

Mr. Boss

A dominant dog tries to assert himself over other dogs or people. He stands tall, is confident and eyes are wide. He tries to make direct eye contact with the dog or person. He may growl and is not friendly.

Mr. Hostile

An aggressive dog stands firm on the ground, trying to show his territorial rights. His head is straight, eyes narrowed and ears pinned back. He shows his teeth, growls and barks loudly. He will do whatever he wants at the point of time.

Mr. Cuddle-me-tight

You know when your pooch needs a cuddle when he comes and puts his head in your hands or simply snuggles or rubs his body like a cat. You just can’t resist him now!

Mr. Hungry

Pooches know where to find food when they are hungry – they will wait patiently outside the kitchen door or at the dining table, until you give in to those hungry and soulful eyes. And sometime they will just bark lightly to let you know that they are there for some treat, specially if you are eating chicken, fish or meat.

Mr. Ready-for-walk

You know when your pooch is on the go when he barks or woofs towards the main door. He runs in circles, picks up your shoes, is excited and just wants you to get up and get going.

Mr. Pay-attention

You are engrossed in an interesting show or are just talking to your friends, when all of a sudden you hear him Woof. Oh! How could you forget him? This woof is to get back your attention.

Mr. Snug as a bug

People who live in the colder climate would have come across instances when on a cold winter morning, your pooch lies next to you. He just wants to sleep tight…he loves to snuggle and be warm.

Mr. Holiday

Everybody loves holidays…so does your pooch. He will be happy and excited, running around and sometimes even smiling. Yes, our pooches also smile!

Mr. Roll-in-the-grass

How enchanting it is to roll in the grass on a sunny morning or a cool evening! I know, we can’t do it, but our pooches surely can. You will see them on their back, their stomach exposed and paws in air…and here they go, leaving their scent.

Mr. Dreamboy

You know your pooch is in love when he sees his lady love going for a walk…ohhh, he needs to be taken out too…he will trot, hair standing with excitement, eyes sparkling…and he keeps running to his lady love.

So, watch him and enjoy him in each and every mood and move.