Smitten by a kitten


To pet a kitty is an amazing feeling, and lucky are those, who find a classy cute friend for them. For those, who are still reckoning, here are a few general characteristics of felines fantasies that surely will help you to understand your kitty better and also in finding a purrfect kitty, if you haven’t found her yet.
Cat’s eye-truly a gem
Eyes are the window to one’s heart, so is the cat’s eye, which speak all about her, like health, behaviour and feelings. Cats are gifted with perfect sight and can see even in pitch-darkness.
Whiskers-kitty’s sensors
The whiskers are actually sensory receptors; they serve a very important function in the whole nervous system of cats. Whiskers help cats to smell as well as see in darkness. If they are tempered, the whole functioning system gets imbalanced.
Keen ear – cats’ self guide
Cats have a very high sense of hearing that helps them detect the direction of noise. They are clean and pink when healthy. Any waxy substance indicates ear infection. An infected cat scratches her ears and shakes her head often.
Nosy nose – smelling the things
Cat’s nose is velvety, shiny and pleasant in texture, and is generally moist. Cats are gifted with extremely good smelling sense; they recognize things with their smells. Cats deposit their smell by scratching, rubbing, or urinating on things.
Mouth – clean ‘n’ fresh
Nothing pleases better than fresh breath. A cat’s mouth should be clean and pink without bad breath. Teeth are white without tartar. Excessive drooling indicates infection.
Agile foot – the balancing act
Ever wondered why cats are so sophisticated and do things with precision! Yes, cats are known for their agility. They have a very good sense of balance and conduct themselves well. They have elegance and good sense of balance, even if they have to walk down the narrow rim.
Posture – cat’s attitude
A healthy cat’s walk is steady and fluid. It’s one area where cats are more advanced than any other living creatures, in fact they are the masters in balancing, while those who can’t are definitely suffering from some ailment.
Knowing our kitty better…
Cats are generally sweet and affectionate. They seek attention but also love solitude and comfort themselves in a warm quiet place.
Body language
Understanding their body language is important in understanding cats; they emit different messages through their body language. If the cat lashes her tail to and fro, it means she is in trouble, while the upright tail means cat is in a normal temperament.
Love for height
Cats are very swift-footed, and have sharp claws that make them the best climbers. They are most secure at heights. If you have noticed, cats love sleeping on branches, tall walls or window rims.
Marking the territory
Cats urinating at certain areas are marking their zones. They are much territorial about it. They are masters there, however much you shoo them away from the bundle of clothes you have kept on the top of your cupboard, she would still go back to it till you remove the bundle. They love to scratch or play with a piece of cloth lying at the corner of the room.
Sleeps ‘n’ naps: feline style
Cats are the world’s best sleepers. They slumber away about 60 percent of their lives around 16 hours a day. There are three types of adult feline sleep: the brief nap, the longer light sleep and the deep sleep. A napping cat is on “radar patrol”, scanning the environment for any small sound.