Sweet felines : superstitiously victimised


If a black cat crosses one’s path or for that matter any cat, evil will soon befall. If a cat leaves home while a person is sick and cannot be brought back, the person will die. Kittens born in the month of May are ominous and will bring snakes into the house. To meet a cat at midnight is to meet Satan, himself…the list is endless. People still believe that cats are associated with witchcraft and superstitions surround these beautiful felines that they bring bad luck. It’s high time to rethink our prejudices against these lovable coochie-coo’s – our adorable kitties.  These immensely beautiful creatures are intelligent, loving, playful, clean, and courageous, and make wonderful companions. That’s why kitty lovers are so passionate in their defense.

Cats are often blamed for a multitude
of sins, which are totally baseless.
Here are a few prevalent myths, which proved totally wrong, in my experiences with my felines.
“Cats don’t get attached.”
When I left town for a long holiday, my cat ‘Pooch’ threw up every day and would not set foot in my bedroom, where she normally slept. Our vet and my husband tried their best, but all went in vain. When I came back, she began to eat, came into the bedroom and wouldn’t leave my side.
“Cats will attack any time.”
Cats are smart creatures. Most of them are known to be wary of humans and their instinct is to run. The only time a human is attacked by a cat is when a human threatens the cat or her young ones, or if she has been inadvertently hurt.
“Cats are unlucky.”
I never fail to be amazed at how educated, qualified, scientific-minded people succumb to this one. And it has its exact antithesis in the firm belief that cats are LUCKY. If you share your life with a cat, you are bound to be lucky!
“Cats don’t have feelings.”
I believe, cats have got myriad shades of emotions, be it love, care, concern or affection. One of my friends cat was so attached to the lady of house, that when she died, her cat was completely heartbroken. All the love, care and attention by other family members went in vain and one month later he too left for his heavenly abobe.
The companionship of a cat is unique. Learn to give her space, unadulterated love and respect her solitary moments. You will appreciate the sheer beauty of her movements, her lithe, graceful walk, the way she washes herself, plays, pounces…you can get hours of entertainment from your cat! Cats are immensely dignified in illness and comical at play. They repay your love with a unique friendship you would be lucky to find with a human.
(Devika Khazvin is the founder of The Cattitude Trust. For advice on adopting a kitten, caring for your cats, neutering and other issues, please call 98840 97862.)