Style up your kitty


Contrary to popular belief, cats do need to be regularly groomed to keep them clean and hygienic in their domesticated environment. Even though cats do a fabulous job of keeping themselves clean, they still need to be groomed regularly to prevent matting, fur balls, skin problems and eye and ear infections. Regular grooming allows you to become familiar with your cat’s body and look out for lumps, skin infections, injuries etc.
Brushing your furry angel – If your cat is not used to grooming, start slow by gently combing her in an area that is not very sensitive and then gradually build up to a full grooming session. Regular brushing keeps your furry angel looking good by removing dead hair and skin, improves circulation and most importantly prevents matting and fur balls. How often your cat needs to be brushed depends on their hair length.  Short-haired cats should be brushed once a week with a natural bristle brush and a fine tooth comb. Long-haired cats should be brushed on a daily basis with a wire brush and a wide tooth comb. Cats should be brushed more often in shedding seasons!
Bathing your bundle of joy – Usually, you do not need to bathe your cat as they are very good at keeping themselves clean. But when you do need to, make sure you first brush out your cat, removing any mats and tangles. Always use warm water and dry your cat thoroughly as they catch a cold very easily.
Nail clipping, ear cleaning and eye care – Cats need their nails clipped regularly. Cats have brittle nails that can shatter easily, so only cat clippers should be used. Always get your cat’s nails clipped by a trained professional such as a vet or a groomer. Ear cleaning can be done at home and should be done regularly. Always be gentle and use mild cleaning agents. Check for redness, excessive wax, strong odour or black dots which could be ear mites. If you notice anything unusual, consult your vet immediately! Your cat’s eyes should be shiny and clear. Consult your vet if you notice excessive discharge or tearing, redness or cloudy eyes or any kind of inflammation!
It is always advisable to start grooming your cat at an early age after the final shots. A happy and well-groomed cat will have a shiny, glossy and beautiful coat. The question is, DOES YOURS?

(Cookkie Khanna is a Certified Master Groomer from New York School of Dog Grooming. She runs a pet spa called Top Dog that uses top-of-the-line professional pet equipment and products. To style up your kitty, call: 39414605, 9820070992.)