The cat genius in ‘Boots’


Puss in Boots (PiB)…or The Master Cat, whatever we call him…we just loved that smart kitty for all his gags and antics. In an European fairy tale, our l’il furry-friend was busy helping his master to attain wealth through his trickery…and when he reached the silver screen with Shrek series…the whole world just went crazy about him.
A smart fighter, he is skilled with a sword and knows how to keep the enemies at bay. What we loved about PiB is the baritone voice accent, which he got from handsome hunk – Antonio Banderas.
Well, the story goes like this, Perro, the kitty friend of a poor miller, was the only property he inherited from his father. Frustrated by the father’s decision, he thought to eat the cat. But the cat asked him for a bag and a pair of boots. With these tools, the cat repeatedly presented gifts to the king and introduced his friend as ‘Lord Marquis of Carabas’. The King’s daughter fell in love with the miller and married him. Thus, the fate of miller changed. This is an European fairy tale, collected by Charles Perrault in 1697, but still the story hasn’t lost its fan-following. And the same fairy character was the part of Shrek series as well.
Now, don’t you think that our genius purr kids can rewrite our destiny with crown and glory, right?