Purrfect poses


Say cheese… know how to get that purrfect snap.
•    Get down to the level of your cat.
•    Put some props so that you can catch her in action.
•    Ensure there is proper lighting
•    Curiosity will get the better of your cat and she will try to inspect your camera, let her get used to it.
•    You can also make different sounds to catch her curious looks.
•    If you want your kitty look regal (which of course she is), place her on a beautiful pillow and see the               difference.
•    Catch her attention with her favourite toy/treat.
•    Click multiple shots to get the right picture; you will also need to follow the cat and keep checking to get the perfect mood.
•    You can capture her in a sequence of different activities to make the shots look captivating.
•    To minimise red eyes/glowing eyes, try to avoid flash and some cameras have red-eye setting mode, which you can use.
• Ensure your kitty is properly groomed before the shoot.
•    Know your cat’s body language—you can get that perfect pose when you are aware of her starting cues and click her in action.