5 fabulous games for your paws & U

  1. Musical Freestyle:
    You and your pooch love to dance, so how about a mix of dance and some obedience training to have a
    Dancing is fun … Pic courtesy Down Hill
    blast! Turn on the music, bring out your dancing shoes, spin a little, do a traditional heeling exercise and what you get is a Musical Freestyle, an activity which both you and your pooch will simply love to do!
  2. Tracking:
    Dogs love to sniff and how about sniffing their way to the destination. Let your dog sniff a smell to follow a track and be a winner! Reward him with the sweet-smelling treat or a toy.
  3. Fishing:
    Take a fishing pole and tie a toy to the short line at the end of the rod. Drag the toy along the ground, lift it up and dangle it in air or move it in a circle and let your pooch jump and try to hold it! I bet you both will enjoy the fun!
  4. Digging:
    Take your pooch’s sandbox, and hide his favourite toys in it, let him dig into it deep and get his toys. He will love to dig and you will be happy to see him occupied and happy.
  5. Flyball:
    How about a relay race with four dogs in a team? Sounds exciting, your dogs will love that too. Make a starting line, put a hurdle six feet from the starting line and place three hurdles spaced 10 feet apart from each other and put a spring-loaded box 15 feet away from the last hurdle. A dog jumps the hurdles and then jumps on the box, which shoots out a tennis ball, he catches it and then runs back over four hurdles. When he crosses the starting line, another dog in his team starts the game. The winning team is obviously the one who finishes the race first and with no errors!

So, what are you waiting for, just go, have fun and bond.