Whiskas International Cat Show of India 2013


Organised by the newly formed Indian Cat Federation (ICF) affiliated to Germany-based World Cat Federation, Whiskas International Cat Show of India 2013 was held from 27th – 28th April 2013 at Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru. This first international cat show in India was presented by MARS International India Pvt Ltd, one of the leading pet food manufacturers and marketers of the international cat food brand Whiskas. Cats from different parts of the country came to take part in the international cat show. The show included the participations of distinguished cat breeds, such as Norwegian Breeds, Traditional Long-Haired Breeds, British Long-Haired Breed, Arabian Mau, among others.

The show received good response with around 100 participants from all over India. “It is a privilege to be associated with Indian Cat Federation and World

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Cat Federation in promoting the cause of cats and for cat parents to be responsible and loving parents. We believe that pets make our world better and our vision is to make a better world for them,” said Varun Tuli, Brand Manager, MARS International India Pvt Ltd. Shree Nair, President, Indian Cat Federation asserted, “We want to create awareness for the cat population in India.”