Oscar: You have brought joy to our family


Oscar is our good looking and fun loving GSD pup who is maturing into a fine intelligent dog. He joined our family when he was just two months old. In fact, we fell in love with Oscar when he was just two days old and decided to bring him home. For the next two months, we were busy getting our home ready for him.

Oscar has adapted very well to our house, though as pup I am sure Oscar did miss his parents. My wife found a son in Oscar, when he joined us, she was expecting our first kid. She had lots to share with Oscar and it continues to be the same till date. Sheer energy, intelligence and warmth of Oscar keep not just our house occupied but also helped me make friends with quite a few kids in my society.

Oscar sleeps beside my bed (on my side). He is the one who wakes me up with his sweet short barks and heavy dose of slurp on my face. We both look forward to a good walk or a game of fetching ball. Life with Oscar has been a joyride.