Provide your kitty a perfect world


Environment and lifestyle have direct effect on the health of cat. Let’s minimise the negative effects on our kitties. Here’s how to give your kitty a right environment.

  • Choosing right food for cat, which means food rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants for cognitive brain development.
    Dr Madhurita Gupta
  • Environmental enrichment of cat by incorporating a puzzle ball or maze during feeding so that cat can hunt and find the food. This will stimulate their brain.
  • Providing specific nutrients to cats like taurine and arachidonic acid externally as supplements (taurine deficiency can lead to blindness and death in cats).

Consult your vet for the same.
Give your cat balanced food rich in proteins, vitamins and essential amino acids.
If your cat has stones, heart disease, kidney dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism, give them special prescription diets under the supervision
of your veterinarian.
(Dr Madhurita Gupta is director at Myvets Group of Companies, Mumbai).