Compassion has no age bar!

Ayu (right) with a friend

I am a 15-year-old teen rescuer, who rescues animals as I love them. They are the soul with a clean and unselfish heart. It’s because I get happiness when I rescue them, I get satisfaction when they heal and greet us. Nothing is more valuable than the blessings I feel on rescuing them! Rescuing animals has also given me precious friends who help me in the rescue and also advise me. Most importantly, when I get discouraged and the going gets tough, my friends – Badari Sir and Rakesh Jiju – have always motivated me to carry on. They have told me it is important to do what one loves.

I have worked harder to save dogs, cats and other animals and birds and even fostered them. I once got a mail that I’m an inspiration to them. That day I just thought that I would keep inspiring myself everyday and even try to inspire others. I believe, “Saving one animal won’t change the world. But it will change the WORLD for that one animal.” & Trust me!