Tips to make your kitty playful


There’s little tiger in every cat…well, cats are predators by nature and they need to exercise their hunting skills regularly. At home, we can provide them moving toys to satisfy this need of theirs.
All work and no play make kitty dull and aggressive. So, it is important to make play a regular part of their
routine. Schedule two or three play sessions in a day and stick to the schedule. Each session can be of 10-20 minutes each, depending upon your cat’s needs. Let the cat play and get tired…then stop the session.
Playing is a form of exercise and will help your cat to be physically fit, mentally stimulated and physically co-ordinated. They will feel less stressed. It will also help you bond with your cat and give you immense fun.

  • Here are a few tips to play with your cat.
    It is very easy to give your cat a feeling of ‘chasing’ and ‘hunting’ by tying small toys to a fishing pole and then moving them in air with your hand. Let the kitty capture it and praise her. Don’t forget to keep the toy and fishing pole out of your cat’s reach once the play time is over.
  • Keep lot of toys at home but do not give them all to play at a time. Rotate the toys to give them a feeling of novelty every time they play.
  • You can use home-made inexpensive toys like balled-up tissue paper, plastic rings, centres of toilet paper/tape, cotton socks stuffed with cotton balls, etc.
  • You can also give them a temporary hide-out like a paper bag or a cardboard box. Your kitty would love to explore it. Just remember not to give her a plastic bag to play as it can suffocate her.
  • Do not give her toys which she can swallow…string, yarn, ribbon, rubber bands, etc. should be kept at bay.
  • Whenever you give her toys to play, remember to remove any glued-on or tied decorations which can come off easily as your cat can swallow it.
  • Do not let your cat bite or attack you while playing. If she does, say ‘No’. Do not punish her as she might become more aggressive or fearful. You can also use a water gun to shoo her away.
  • Provide her place where she can climb and watch the world.
  • Also provide a piece of furniture which she can bite or claw.

Freeze! Put your hands up!
Internet cats cannot be ignored!
Getting bored? Catch some cat videos on You Tube. It will not only entertain you, but also boost your energy and positive emotion. A new study by assistant professor Jessica Gall Myrick at the Indiana University Media School shows that watching funny cat videos increases our energy and positive emotion and reduces negative feeling. According to an internet data, more than two million cat videos were posted on You Tube in 2014, which got 26 billion views.