Guide to health, nutition and feeding…


Traditional concept of nutrition, i.e. developing, sustaining and providing energy to the body, now has a preventive and, in certain conditions, a curative dimension. This new dimension marks the birth of health/nutrition. Read more about the objectives of Nutrition and the Commandments for feeding your pooch, just the right way.
Nutrition aids in body development and maintenance, provides energy, contributes in prevention (renal infections or digestive disorders), helps in curing (certain nutrients added to food, support the therapeutic or convalescence process).
Foodie facts…

  • It is estimated that the life expectancy of dogs, for instance, has increased by three years in the last fifteen years.
  • Scientists and the major pet food manufacturers now acknowledge that dogs should be fed differently depending on whether they are puppies, full-grown or old, and on whether their size is small, medium, large or giant!
  • The size and shape of a carnivore’s organs are very different from ours. Even nearly 10,000 years of domestication have not changed these carnivores (our pooches) into omnivores!
  • Making a balanced food is like making a complex jigsaw including about 50 pieces, each piece containing a nutrient indispensable to the animal, all the ingredients being formulated in adequate proportions and complementing one another to contribute to a small or larger piece of the jigsaw.Cheap foods only contain 15 nutrients.