Exotic Short Hair: The breed who wins heart!


Aziza Shaikh
Choosing the right breed of cat is so important. If you want to have a Persian cat but are worried about maintenance, then there is a perfect breed for you known as Exotic Short Hair, also known as Lazy Man’s Persian.
Tracing back to origin
An experiment was done by the breeders to get a breed with all features and temperament like Persians but with a short dense coat and who requires less maintenance compared to pure long-hair Persians. Exotic Short Hair originated by cross breeding Persians with American Short Hair and British Short Hair, which was recognised as an Individual Breed by Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and was first accepted for Championship Status in 1967. Today, the breed has become one of the most popular breeds all over the world.
Love at first sight
Striking features of Exotic Short Hair will make you believe in ‘Love at first sight’. We can define an Exotic Short Hair as a heavy boned cat with round broad face having beautiful round eyes with brilliant colour, short and cute snub nose, and short thick dense coat giving them a marvelous look. The legs are short, with thick & strong with large round paws and they have a short & bushy tail.They have various coat patterns (classic, spotted, mackerel, ticked) and colour patterns – bicolours (vans, harlequin) and parti-colour (calico, tortoiseshell) They have beautiful eyes in colours like yellow, blue, and copper. They are called Exotic Long Hair because they carry a recessive long hair gene (due to Long Hair Persians).
Know the nature and temperament
Exotic Long Hairs are affectionate and gentle. They are intelligent, strongly built and much active as compared to Persians. Loyal and loving, they are great companions for dogs and other pets. They keep themselves clean and tidy.
Low maintenance, high loving
Exotic Long Hairs are very low maintenance cats as compared with Persians. You have to just groom them 2-3 times a week and bathe them twice or thrice every month, so that they stay clean and healthy. Regular grooming is essential as it will keep skin problems at bay.
Care for exotic hair
Due to their flat face and short nose, Exotic Long Hair may develop respiratory problems and tearing of eyes, which is 100 percent controllable by up-to-date vaccination and proper nutritional diet. To prevent eye problems, you have to always keep their eyes clean. Ask your vet to recommend suitable eye cleaning solutions or eye drops. Exotic Short Hairs have a strong immunity, so that’s a plus point.I love this breed a lot and as I am breeding Exotic Short Hair over the last one decade. The thing I love the most about them is that they are very self independent, loving, caring and they keep themselves very clean and tidy. They are affectionate and friendly, and their sweet purring will win your heart!
(Aziza Shaikh is a cat hobbyist and she owns a CFA-registered cattery named Moghul Pers. Based in Pune, Moghul Pers is a home-based cattery with finest quality Persians and Exotics, where every kitten is raised with love, care, and affection.)