It’s KARMA that makes the difference!


Cindy is paralysed waist down. She was found on one of the pavements in the hustling city of Bangalore. People who were around, said that she was found whimpering on the outer ring road in the middle of the night. She was rescued and treated but it was too late for any major improvements in her condition. Cindy now lives with her other furry friends in a home that is an open house for all needy dogs. This is one of the many stories of the dogs rescued by KARMA (Kulture for Animal Rehabilitation and Mass Awareness).

What’s KARMA?

Established in the year 2009 in Hyderabad, KARMA is a small registered group devoted to the care and rehabilitation of dogs who have been abused, neglected or abandoned. They are also very actively involved in the adoption of Indian dogs and puppies. It was started by Aparna Bhatt, who has dedicated all her time for the cause. She believes that giving home to a homeless is a form of worship and hopes that more people realise it and come forward to support this cause.

How was KARMA started?

Aparna Bhatt started by adopting five dogs and then realised that there were many more who needed help, love and care. In the first year of inception, KARMA has been successful in 21 adoptions (17 Indian and 4 rescued pedigree) and the attempt to do more continues. Aparna operates out of her rented house and herself has a brood of 10 dogs, all of which are rescued. Apart from them, foster kids come and go, so it’s always a full house.

How’s life at KARMA?

KARMA house is a sight to behold. It’s a doggy’s paradise where all the dogs are treated like family members and there is no discrimination whatsoever.

How KARMA works?

The funds for maintaining the dogs primarily come from her fiancé Ankush and few of her close dog-lover friends. Ankush & Aparna take care of the vaccination and sterilisation of all the dogs before they are adopted. To ensure that their adopted dogs are happy and safe in their new homes, Aparna personally carries out a thorough background check, home visit and follow-ups with all the adoptive families.
According to Aparna, “Our work is still in a nascent stage and there is much more to be done. We need the support of other animal-lovers to ensure that more and more of our canine friends are helped and have a happy future. Aparna’s aim is to make KARMA reach a position where this work is not constrained by limited space and resources. She has dedicated her life to these amazing canine beings and wishes to continue serving them right till her last breath. Kudos to this noble deed!