Fantastic FUDGE & Amazing ASTRO– Ananya Panday’s Furry Companions


Meet Bollywood heartthrob and the Gen-Z student of the year – Ananya Panday! She is the daughter of actor Chunky Panday and began her acting career in 2019. Ananya is a proud dog-mum of two adorable furries and is very mindful of their nutrition. Her consideration for pets and thoughtfulness of what goes into their diets makes her the perfect choice to be Drool’s brand ambassador.
Giving a new meaning to forever kind of love!
My first pet was a Yorkie – Fudge. I got him on my tenth birthday. He is 13 years old and still with us. I’ve always been an animal lover and had been asking my parents for a pet and then finally on my tenth birthday I found my cutest little pal for life! The other pet who I currently have is Astro, a three-year-old Golden Retriever. If I could turn my house into a mini farm, I would. I really do want to adopt a cat next.
The unconditional love they shower is the best thing of having a pet! No matter what mood you’re in, they are always ready with cuddles.
Drools for Ananya’s darling pets

The fact that they emphasise on health and nutrition for pets over everything is what makes Drools a niche brand. It’s an indigenous brand that stands for empathy. They’re ahead in the game and come up with evolutions and innovations catering to the needs of the pet community. I really admire this approach as a brand.
Always vouching for ‘Responsible Pet Parenting’

I think instilling a sense of discipline from a young age with your pets is super important, especially when it comes to their diet – that’s probably my biggest Do! Feeding them human food like food with sugar and spices is a big Don’t. As pet parents we need to be extremely careful about our furry friend’s diet and nutrition to keep their health in check.
Astro & Fudge – ‘paw’fect students

A c o m m o n myth is that you can’t teach old dog new tricks. It may be a little harder but it’s never too late to instill discipline and routine.
My relationship with my pets is full of love, cuddles, and fun, they are an indispensable part of our family. They’re adorable and full of unconditional love and are super funny, goofy-having strong personalities!
Foodies at heart! And always ready for treats

Fudge is a meat lover! And Astro eats anything as long as he gets ample belly rubs. They love Drools and the variety it provides.
My pets are super chill like me and are very happy with one of my old stuffed toys as their play toys. They’re not into wearing clothes, but I love to bring them loads of yummy Drools treats – not expensive at all and super nutritious for them!
Fun, furries, films – that’s what defines Ananya

My biggest fear when I see a pet in a film is that something is going to happen to him. That’s probably one of the only things that makes me sad. I would love to do a voice over of an animal because I’ve always wondered what they think of or talk about – so, maybe Lady and The Tramp or Bolt.
My favourite pet-based film is Secret life of Pets! I think it is so much fun to see what your pets might be up to when you’re not around.