You might have a few favourite influencers, but once you meet Pangpang he’ll surely overcome all of them and claim apex position in your heart. Meet the heartthrob who is super hit on social media – Pangpang, The Pug!
‘Paw’some Pangpang – Love at first sight
We got Pangpang on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) in 2017. I had been searching for a Pug who looked like my first Pug whom I had lost a few years earlier. I finally found the perfect Pug online and arranged to collect him on 26th December. But I didn’t tell Helen as I wanted it to be a surprise. Instead, I told Helen we were going for a Chinese buffet so she got really excited. When we arrived she said, “This is a house – it’s not even a restaurant.” She soon forgot about the buffet when the breeder opened the door and showed her an 8-week-old Pangpang. It was love at first sight – he was so cute! Definitely one of those unforgettable moments in our lives!
What we love about him the most has to be his personality – he’s loving, funny, curious, stubborn and such a people’s dog. He always wants to play and is a joy to be around. We feel very lucky to have him in our lives. I also love the way he always looks like he’s able to understand us when we talk – particularly when he does pug head tilts!
The social media star who’ll melt your heart
We love sharing Pangpang’s pugventures on his TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook pages. It all started as a way to share his photos and videos with our family who fell in love with Pangpang when they met him as a puppy. Since then, he’s made friends from all over the world and they love to keep up with his daily pug fun and he provides some much needed light relief.
We also went live everydayduring lockdown in the UK. People love his cute face (particularly his big eyes a nd ea rs which f lap a round when he’s running), his playful nature, his pug kisses and constantly expanding collection of fashionable dog outfits.
His friends also love seeing him enjoying his food – which he’s all too happy to show every day.
We’ve had a number of viral posts on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube (with many having over one million views for a single post). He’s also done TV work, commercials and charity campaigns which have helped others to enjoy his content too.
Cracking the Insta algorithm, one post at a time
We started with Instagram – I was completely new to it and had no experience so my early content wasn’t the best. But due to Pangpang’s cuteness and funny personality, I was encouraged to keep going and his following steadily increased. The account grew rapidly during lockdown in the UK and this led to commercials, TV appearances, his inclusion in the computer game ‘Double Pug Switch’ and lots of other exciting projects. Pangpang now has 84k followers on Instagram (we had a viral post this month which has reached 37 million views (his best ever) so his account has been growing really fast) and we are slowly getting towards our goal of having 100k Instagram friends.
Pangpang has also had a number of viral videos which helped dog lovers around the world to discover him. Meanwhile, his TikTok account didn’t take off straight away but ended up reaching 500k followers in about two years. We’re also hoping that his Youtube channel reaches 10k subscribers really soon.
However, more important than the numbers are that he has such lovely friends all over the world. They check in to ask how he’s doing, suggest fun places to take Pangpang and truly care about his happiness and wellbeing which means so much to us. We also love it when Pangpang’s friends send us their drawings of Pangpang as we love to share these in our Instagram stories!
Famous and funny – that’s an epic combination
Pangpang loves to steal our slippers and has destroyed many pairs of slippers during his lifetime as he always bites them like a toy. Pangpang is so active that he’s always getting into mischief. He is a serial food thief. He will distract you when you are eating by knocking something over and then, if you forget to push in your chair at the table, he will jump up and take whatever he can. He used to do zoomies around the garden when it was pug bath time, which actually resulted in one of my favorite ever Instagram posts of Helen trying to catch him for a bath.
A dog’s life!
Pangpang always wants five more minutes’ sleep when he first wakes up and does some pawsome yawns. When he does wake up, it’s time for breakfast. He always gets super excited at meal time and often runs away with his bowl when he finishes his food. After breakfast, it’s time for walkies and he will stop multiple times and refuse to walk further unless he gets a treat. Then, it’s Pug nap time – often between our feet while we are sitting at the table. In the afternoon, after he has his lunch it’s time for his second walk followed by play time where he likes to run around a lot. In the evening, he will jump onto the sofa to give pug kisses before falling asleep on my legs. He likes to sleep in different places depending on the weather.
Parenting a pug with love and affection
Pugs are amazing family dogs. People are always stopping to greet Pangpang due to his friendly nature. They are a lot more energetic than you hear and they love to have cuddles whenever you’re sitting down. Pugs can be really stubborn so it’s important to start their training at a young age. You must keep their eyes, wrinkles, ears and paws clean to maintain good health. You also need to monitor their diet as they are naturally greedy dogs and it’s important they don’t become overweight.