Decoding 10 Weird Dog Behaviours!


Your life is full of activity when you have a dog in the house. Their crazy antics amuse us while their weird behaviours make us think harder.
Dogs amuse us with their crazy antics, fill our lives with unconditional love and make our lives complete. But every pet parent can confirm that sometimes their dogs exhibit weird behaviours.
Here are a few such behaviours and why they behave like this:
1 My dog’s ear moves like antennae:
While you are talking to you r dog, you must have noticed how they tilt their head, making you feel that they are paying attention to you. But, he is actually trying to collect sounds around them. Their ear flaps move to help them hear better.
2 My dog suddenly starts zooming around:
After a bat h , my pet Rocky zooms around the house with full energy. It is because he feels good to move and shake off the water and anxiety after the bath. At times, your dog will just go round and round, doing zoomies. It is because they are trying to release their pent-up energy and they are happy. Just make sure they have enough space and don’t crash into you or furniture.
3 My dog starts chasing his own tail:
Though it is normal for dogs to chase their tail or spin in circle, excessive spinning or tail chasing is often related to a health issue. They can have an ear infection, brain lesion or seizure. Consult your vet for diagnosis. However, going around in a circle before lying down is completely normal.
4 My dog gives me a wink:
At times, I a n d R o c k y look at each other and suddenly , he will give me a wink.
I find it cute. But, it’s probably because he has something in the eye or is experiencing dry eye. Eye drops or flushing their eye with fresh water or saline can help. Sometimes, dogs wink to break the gaze as they want us to know that they are not staring at us but are friendly.
5 My dog loves to roll around in the grass:
That of course is a happy dog who loves to roll in the grass as it is soft, smells good and he wants to play. Sometimes, dogs also roll in the grass if it smells of dead insect, dead animal, or a high concentration of urine or musk smells. They want to cover themselves in the smells. You know how much dogs love foul smell – dustbins, etc!
6 My dog carries f o o d f r o m one place to another:
Whenever I give Rocky his favourite treat, he will take it in his mouth, go to another mat or a carpet, keep it there and then starts eating. Science says it is his way of protecting his food, his valuable resource so that nobody else steals it.
7 My dog eats grass:
Whenever Rocky’s stomach is not well, he eats grass. Probably, you have also seen your dog eating grass, Varsha Verma with Rocky Dogs & Pups 14 May-June 2022 wondering if he has suddenly become a herbivore! Well, scientists believe that fiber content of grass helps dog to clear out foreign bodies and parasites from their stomach. Some dogs actually enjoy the taste or eat due to nutritional deficiency. Whatever may be the reason, do not let your dog eat excessive grass as it can lead to stomach problems.
8 Not just grass, my dog eat poop too!
A disgustful sight! But yes, dogs sometimes eats poop too and in medical terms, it is called coprophagy. It can be caused by mal-absorption diseases or even survival instincts. Wolves ate their fecal matter, if there was no food available!
At times, dogs eat their poop to get rid of evidence that they have pooped inside the house. So, don’t be harsh on your pet if he accidentally does his business inside. Clean the place as soon as possible.
9 My dog sniffs butts…ugh!
It’s actually dog’s way of saying Hello. They a l s o g e t information about new dogs or people by sniffing their butts. They can tell if it is a friend or an enemy by this sniff. They also know whether it is a male or a female, happy or dad, scared or stressed and much more.
10 My dog seems to be running in sleep:
Sometimes, while sleeping, we can see Rocky moving his feet as if he is walking/ running.
Scientists believe that they are probably dreaming, just like you and me. If you look at their eyes at this time, you will see the rapid eye movements happening behind their closed lids. It means your dog is in deep sleep. However, dogs can suffer from seizure during sleep. Watch out for signals like rigid, stiff body and violent shaking or seizing. If you see such symptoms, visit your vet ASAP.