ROLL WITH THE RHYTHM OF NATURE! Making Monsoon More Fun for Furry Friends


Monsoons always bring a welcome change from the onslaught of grueling summers. So, as you romance the monsoons with your favourite songs and hot pakoras, keep in mind that our furry buddies need that extra bit of care to enjoy monsoons!
‘Paw’se and Care
As a pet parent, paw care needs to be your top priority every monsoon. Wading through muddy puddles can lead to your pet’s paws and underbelly getting dirty. If you have small breed dogs, keeping them clean is a serious challenge.
In monsoon, it’s best if you make your pet wear boots or rubber shoes before they head out for their walks. It not only keeps their paws clean but also prevents ticks from crawling into the webbing of their paws. However, avoid extended usage of the rubber shoes. Use them only during their walks is adequate, your pets don’t need to wear shoes at home.
Once they are back home, wipe their paws clean. You can use wet wipes to wipe off grime and dirt. If your pet is really muddy, then you’ll need to wash his paws and legs with a shampoo as wet wipes may not do a thorough job. For long hair breeds like Shih-Tzu, Poodles, Golden Retrievers etc. you may need to blow dry them. For other breeds, using a towel to dry them should suffice.
It’s critical that you thoroughly dry your dog after every walk in the rain. Moisture weakens the follicles that can lead to inflammation in paws. Prolonged dampness also causes fungal infections.
Do not underestimate ear care
M o s t p e t p a r e n t s t e n d to overlook ear care during the monsoons. But the wet weather and dampness can make your furry one susceptible to ear infections. Try to clean his ears daily. You could use ear wipes and cotton to keep the ears clean and dry. If you feel you cannot clean the ears at home, you can take your pet to a professional groomer. Always check the back of the ears for ticks, it’s one of their favorite hideout spots.
Fuss free care for fur and coat
A raincoat is a must have for each monsoon season. You can choose b e t w e e n f u l l coverage or semi coverage raincoats depending upon your pet’s patience and cooperation level. If your pet does not cooperate when wearing the raincoat, give him the incentive of his favorite treats. Invest in a vibrant colored raincoat to brighten even the gloomiest days of the season.
Regular brushing of coat is a must throughout the year. Check for ticks regularly. Ticks are a menace and need to be tackled head on with tick repellent oils, sprays, shampoos or even medication depending on the level of infestation. It’s best if you schedule regular visits with your trusted grooming salon to ensure that your pet gets the care he/ she deserves. A dry shampoo or wet wipes can be used in between spa visits to keep your pet clean.
Good health starts with a healthy gut
With rains come germs, bacteria, and a whole lot of unnecessary gut related issues. Your pet may experience vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and appetite loss during this period.
Keep your pet’s meals light and nutritious. Avoid overfeeding and tap water, switch to boiled water instead. Get your pet de-wormed at the beginning of the monsoon season. Do not delay visiting the vet if you notice persistent health issues.
Prevent emotional overflow!
How much ever we humans may enjoy the rains with a cup of chai, we must be mindful that thunderstorms and remaining indoors for extended periods of time can cause emotional harm to our pets. The loud sound of thunder scares most dogs. This is the time when we come across cases of missing dogs who might flee their homes to find a safe spot. Make them wear a name tag with your number. During thunder and lightning keep windows and doors shut at all times.
To soothe them, keep his favourite toy handy, give him a blanket or s soft duvet, and play some soothing instrumental music. Help him cope with his fears with warmth and love and not by dismissing his emotions or firing them. Additionally, monsoons would restrict their play time outside or extended walks. Dogs need stimulation and exercise. A snuffle mat, puzzles, interactive toys are tools that will help keep your pet meaningfully engaged.
Take care of the buddies on streets
Don’t forget to extend a helping hand to the many street dogs out there and those that take care of them. Heavy rains, floods, contaminated water cause a flurry of problems for street animals. Keeping fresh water for them so they don’t need to drink from dirty puddles; allow them to take shelter in your building premises, verandas during heavy rains; try to feed them at least once a day.
Not to forget those who take care of the street dogs – the community feeders. They brave the hot summers and the difficult monsoons to ensure that street animals are fed and taken care of. Extending a helping hand to a community feeder is one of the noblest things one can do. So welcome monsoons with open arms, it’s the perfect time to be indoors with your furry buddy by your side. Time for cuddles them munching their favourite treats while you enjoy your cup of coffee and your favorite song from the safety of your home.
(Sharan and Kapil are Co-founders of Nutty’s Den, which offers a wide array of paw-picked products from around the world)